Adobe Reader Mobile 9 SDK Available from Datalogics

Datalogics is now licensing and supporting the Adobe Reader Mobile 9 software development kit.

Datalogics announced Aug. 6 that it is now licensing and supporting the Adobe Reader Mobile 9 software development kit for software developers and implementers.

"The Adobe Reader Mobile SDK enables third-party developers to support PDF, EPUB [electronic publication] and ebook display and content protection within their own devices and smartphone applications. The Adobe Reader Mobile SDK now joins the other Adobe technologies available through Datalogics, including the Adobe PDF Library SDK, Adobe PDF Print Engine, Adobe Normalizer, Adobe InDesign Server and Adobe PDF JobReady," the company said in a news release.

"We are excited about bringing the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK to our customers and prospects," Greg Manuel, vice president of marketing at Datalogics, said in a statement. "Many of our existing Adobe PDF Library customers have been looking to extend their solutions to handheld devices; and with the explosion of interest in the ebook market, we anticipate great demand for a high-performance PDF and EPUB rendering engine with the reliability and high quality standards associated with the Adobe brand."

Datalogics' support for the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK comes "through a further extension of [its] collaboration with Adobe." The company said, "Under the terms of the agreement, Datalogics will provide direct licensing, maintenance and customer support for the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK to software developers worldwide."

Datalogics also said, "Using the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK, device developers can take advantage of a mobile-optimized software engine, designed to deliver high-performance, high-quality scalable document rendering across a wide range of resource-limited embedded devices. Adobe Reader Mobile technology maximizes compatibility with the latest specifications and interoperability with Adobe products.

"Features of the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK include:

- PDF reflow, enabling resizing text-oriented documents for greatly improved readability on small screens. [...]

- Adobe Content Server 4 compatibility, allowing for content protection for commercially published premium content, whether fulfilled by wireless or wired connections.

- Simplified APIs, designed to ease porting and integration with your own device software [...]

- Reference systems for popular ARM-based operating systems, including embedded Linux and Windows Mobile."

"With our Reader Mobile SDK, platform and device manufacturers can securely deliver rich PDF and ebook content across mobile platforms and devices without having to worry about compatibility," Nick Bogaty, senior business development manager for digital publishing at Adobe Systems, in a statement. "Datalogics' expertise in porting our PDF and document technologies, as well as their strong support for software developers, makes them an ideal channel partner for the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK."

According to Datalogics' company description, "Datalogics was founded in 1967 ... In 1993 Datalogics was purchased by Frame Technology ... and two years later Frame was purchased by Adobe Systems. Shortly thereafter, Adobe spun us back off as a privately held independent company, retaining partial interest as an Adobe Ventures Company. Since 1998 we've been working with Adobe, acting as the key channel for several of their PDF tool kits, including the Adobe PDF Library, Adobe Normalizer, Adobe PDF Print Engine, Adobe PDF JobReady, Adobe InDesign Server and the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK."