Amazon Accepting HTML5 Web Apps in Appstore

Amazon announces support for HTML5 web apps in the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon announced that it is now accepting HTML5 Web applications in its Appstore.

Amazon on Aug. 7 launched Web app support in its Mobile App Distribution Program. Developers can now submit URLs for their HTML5 Web apps and mobile Websites and have Amazon offer that content to millions of Kindle Fire and Amazon Appstore customers just as they do with native apps, Amazon said.

Moreover, developers can submit and distribute mobile Web content without using third-party software or doing any native app development, and they can take advantage of Amazon’s In-App Purchasing API for JavaScript, which provides them with the option to build sales of digital goods into their apps. And now customers can find new Web apps in the Amazon Appstore, including Dream Pet Link from Spil Games and IGN Video Game Reviews and News & Previews from IGN Entertainment. Developers can get started with the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program by visiting

Web developers and content publishers have historically faced numerous challenges when building, optimizing and distributing Web apps for mobile devices. Previously, third-party software was needed to convert mobile Web content to native apps to participate in an app store, and on-device debugging was a chore required to get strong performance on a wide variety of Web runtimes. Amazon is removing these roadblocks for developers.

“We’ve heard from developers that making their web apps available for mobile devices is hard because many times it means rewriting their app, which takes extra time and often requires third party tools,” said Mike George, vice president of Amazon Appstore, Games and Cloud Drive, in a statement. “By launching support for HTML5 web apps in the Mobile App Distribution Program, we’re giving web developers the tools they need and all the benefits that native apps already enjoy in the Amazon Appstore and on Kindle Fire. This opens up new possibilities—starting with faster discovery, access to tools for increased monetization, and the ability to reach new customers for greater exposure.”

Amazon enables developers to submit URLs and metadata for their HTML5 Web apps and mobile Websites directly to the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal. Amazon distributes the mobile Web content through the Amazon Appstore to millions of Amazon customers using Kindle Fire and Android devices in nearly 200 countries.

“Web apps represent one of the largest growth sectors for games, so we are thrilled to see Amazon innovating in this space by adding web apps to the Amazon Appstore,” said Rob Grossberg, CEO of TreSensa, a game development company that optimizes games for the mobile Web, in a statement. “Now we are able to offer all our games to millions of Amazon customers worldwide. What’s more, we can implement frictionless game monetization by leveraging Amazon’s updated In App-Purchasing API for JavaScript.”

Amazon officials said developers benefit from native-like experiences on Kindle Fire with a new, faster Web runtime, based on the open-source Chromium project. The runtime supports the latest HTML5 features and includes standards-based extensions, enabling developers to build a Web app once and deploy it across multiple platforms without requiring platform-specific changes. For good measure, the new runtime includes Web developer tools enabling on-device debugging on Kindle Fire. Also, the In-App Purchasing API for JavaScript enables Web developers to easily build sales of digital goods such as subscriptions, level upgrades and digital currencies into their Web apps.