Appcelerator Delivers Titanium 2.0 With New Cloud Services

Appcelerator launches Titanium 2.0, a new version of its mobile app platform, with new Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS).

Appcelerator, a mobile development platform provider, recently announced the launch of Titanium 2.0, which features new Appcelerator Cloud Services (ACS) and support for HTML5 mobile Web apps.

Appcelerator simplifies the process of integrating cloud services into mobile apps€”enabling not only Titanium developers but any native or mobile Web developer to quickly create, configure and deploy rich, cloud-connected applications. Developers can use ACS to leverage all of the new Titanium 2.0 features and capabilities or use it as stand-alone services in conjunction with developers€™ choice of development environments, the company said.

€œOur goal is to help every enterprise and developer quickly and easily create rich, cloud-connected mobile apps for any device and any platform,€ Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator, said in a statement. €œAppcelerator€™s Cloud Services enables developers to do three things really well: build, launch and scale full-featured mobile apps without the headache of building the backend infrastructure and services that are typically required. By opening the playing field for developers, we anticipate a broad rollout of mobile cloud services.€

ACS helps companies integrate cloud services like push notification or check-ins into their mobile apps. Appcelerator€™s new solution also enables app publishers using Objective-C, Java, PhoneGap, Sencha and HTML5 technologies to create and configure a server-side backend, add mobile app features without writing server code and easily deploy their cloud-connected app. Tasks that can require server programming or integration with multiple SDKs are performed through one simple interface. Developers need only choose which APIs to use, and Appcelerator takes care of deploying and maintaining a full server stack that includes a database, search engine, file storage and application logic, the company said.