AppFirst DevOps Dashboard Delivers Systems, Apps, Business Metrics Data

AppFirst announced that its DevOps Dashboard, which taps big data sources to deliver systems, applications and business metrics information to users, is now available.

AppFirst, provider of a cloud-based application management solution, has announced the release of its new DevOps Dashboard, an application performance monitoring solution.

The DevOps Dashboard provides all key roles within an organization with a clear, unified status view of infrastructure, applications and business metrics. AppFirst captures information collected from an entire application stack, and with the new DevOps Dashboard, users can quickly troubleshoot problems and stay abreast of what's happening with systems and business metrics in real time.

AppFirst collects millions of infrastructure, application and business metrics that are aggregated and correlated in a single big data repository. Data is collected continuously to provide customers with visibility into their entire infrastructure and every application running in production, the company said.

"By implementing AppFirst, we're able to get an at-a-glance view of how we are doing from a business perspective as well as infrastructure and applications perspective," said Christian Berczely, vice president of engineering for Intelligize, in a statement. "The way we measure success is by having all of our customers logging into our system and searching SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] filings, annual reports and many other data sources. We use AppFirst to gain visibility into these key activities and to ensure our customers are experiencing good performance in the process."

The new DevOps Dashboard also includes AppFirst's ability to auto-detect application stacks and configure data collection from the relevant sources to deliver a customized dashboard specific to the user's environment. A new smart threshold capability is also extremely intuitive and saves customers valuable time; AppFirst now learns over time what is "normal" for a user's business metrics and delivers alerts when metrics shift one standard deviation from normal levels.

The new DevOps Dashboard is also easily customized to provide the specific data critical to any role, whether it is executives, DevOps personnel or IT operations, the company said.

"AppFirst has its finger on the pulse of today's IT organizations and the increasingly critical intersection of IT application services and business outcomes," said Dennis Drogseth, vice president of industry analyst and consulting firm EMA, in a statement. "In today's globally competitive market, application service development and production-level performance need to be cohesively compacted in response to changing business expectations and business demands. AppFirst is delivering an innovative and valuable approach to bridging the technology and cultural gaps between development, production and their most critical application-customers."

The DevOps Dashboard is a software as a service (SaaS) solution powered by AppFirst's engine. That engine collects, aggregates and correlates all of an organization's data sources, from logs and StatsD to Nagios plug-ins and millions of process metrics. AppFirst's big data platform features patent-pending collection technology that continuously extracts deep data from within every application, component and running process on every server, virtual machine and cloud instance in a user's environment, the company said. The real-time metrics are then correlated with other data sources to provide comprehensive and granular visibility into servers and apps, and can be seen side-by-side with business metrics for visibility of the impact of system and application behavior on the business. AppFirst collectors work with any language or application component and can be configured to collect and upload data as often as a user desires. The collection activity minimally impacts performance by 1 percent or less, AppFirst said.

AppFirst offers a "Three for Free" Developer Edition of DevOps Dashboard, which is a no-cost option for customers who are running three or fewer servers. There are two plans offered-the Standard Edition for $15 per server per month and the Pro Edition for $25 per server per month. The plans differ in the amount of data collected and length of time it is stored. A 14-day free trial is available and can be signed up for on AppFirst's Website.