Application Developers Alliance Adds New Members

The Application Developers Alliance announced the addition of a series of new members aimed at advancing the cause of the app dev community.

The Application Developers Alliance announced a bunch of new members, including App Partner Development, Apptology, Banjo, ChallengePost, Marmalade, Thumb Arcade, TVCOFA and Wink Nudge.

All of these groups have joined as corporate partners of the alliance, which is an association for the developers and entrepreneurs building the software industry.

€œIt€™s vitally important to promote and protect the interests of app developers who are playing a huge role in shaping and redefining the way we consume media and how we engage online,€ said Calypso Harland, marketing manager at Marmalade. €œWe€™re very proud to support the Alliance and its drive for positive policy for developers worldwide. We€™ll be taking a very active role in support of the Alliance, ensuring that all Marmalade developers in our global community are aware of all the issues that affect them. We€™ve been in this industry from the very beginning and want to ensure this industry continues to flourish and all developers are provided the opportunity to grow from strength to strength.€

Banjo founder and CEO Damien Patton said, €œBanjo will be able to continue our amazing growth and innovation with the support of the Alliance. We are excited to be part of the group.€

More than 6,000 individual developers are part of the Alliance, and the new partners announced today join dozens of corporate members.

€œThe Alliance continues to grow in size and the services we offer our thousands of members," said Alliance President Jon Potter, in a statement. "The newest members we welcome today are innovators, creators and the model of the app economy. We are excited to have them on board."

The Application Developers Alliance is a recently formed industry association dedicated to meeting the unique needs of application developers. The Apps Alliance supports developers of every type, across all languages and platforms and works to make building, testing and shipping great apps easier for all developers. Alliance members include Google, Rackspace, appMobi, CBS Interactive and a host of others.