Aptana Mixes AJAX, Python with Pydev IDE Buy

Aptana, maker of Web development and cloud computing tools, has acquired the Pydev IDE for Python development. The Eclipse-based Pydev tools suite supports Google App Engine development.

Aptana is bringing its brand of AJAX-style development to the Python community by acquiring the Pydev suite of Python development tools.

Aptana's acquisition of the Eclipse-based IDE (integrated development environment) for Python also is a boon for developers integrating Web development with cloud computing, as on the Google App Engine, because not only is Aptana enhancing its stable of Web development tools, it is up-leveling support for the popular Python development tools suite. Google App Engine only supports Python development for now.

"This has been a great year for the Python developer community with the advent of great frameworks such as Django and deployment solutions such as Google App Engine," said Dion Almaer, open Web advocate for Google. Django is a popular Python Web development framework.

"Now the tooling is getting better all the time. One of the great tools is Pydev, especially if you are Eclipse-minded. Having Aptana take on Pydev only means progress for that project and Python developers," Almaer said.

Kevin Hakman, director of evangelism at Aptana, told eWEEK, "The addition of Pydev to the Aptana product suite rounds out the set of scripting languages that Aptana already supports, including AJAX and JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and now Python too. Pydev brings first-class Python support to Aptana and sets the stage for a full suite of products and services from development through cloud deployment. Pydev is one of the most popular Python IDEs for Eclipse. Since Aptana Studio is also Eclipse-based it was the natural choice for Aptana."

Paul Colton, CEO and founder of Aptana, said users of Aptana and Pydev can today use the products side by side by either adding Pydev into the stand-alone edition of Aptana Studio or plugging both into Eclipse. The company plans deeper integration of the products, but has not announced a road map or plans for that integration.

Pydev accelerates software development for Python developers by providing code completion and analysis, a debug console and server, refactoring utilities, and many other capabilities. Pydev is a plug-in that enables users to use Eclipse for Python and Jython development. Aptana Studio eases Web development, deployment and management by integrating AJAX tooling with PHP, Ruby on Rails, Aptana's Jaxer AJAX server and now Python.

Moreover, Aptana Cloud, which is built to integrate the application development, deployment and management cycle with cloud computing providers, supports PHP and Jaxer today with plans for Ruby on Rails and Python in the future, Hakman said.

"Pydev's popularity in the Python community and Eclipse ecosystem made it the clear choice for Aptana," Colton said in a statement. "Interest in Python has been steadily growing and got a big boost earlier this year when Google announced that Python was the language for Google App Engine. Google is also a worldwide licensee of the commercial version of Pydev, Pydev Extensions, which includes even more high-productivity features for Python developers."

Fabio Zadrozny, a Brazilian programmer, developed Pydev and is joining the Aptana team to head up the company's Python development strategy.

"Pretty much anyone these days who is creating Web sites and applications is using AJAX," Zadrozny said in a statement. "Offering Pydev as an extension to Aptana Studio, and therefore Eclipse, will make it even easier and faster for Pydev users to create, test, deploy and manage their Web applications."