Aptana Moves Toward AJAX on Rails

Aptana announces the incorporation of the Ruby Development Tools project into the Aptana integrated development environment

Aptana has announced the incorporation of the Ruby Development Team project into the Aptana integrated development environment.

San Francisco-based Aptana announced its latest move at the SDforum Ruby Conference in San Francisco on April 21, said Paul Colton, founder and CEO of Aptana. In addition to incorporating RDT into the Aptana IDE, the company also hired Chris Williams, RDTs lead developer.

The move follows Aptanas recent incorporation of the RadRails IDE project into Aptana. Both projects will be fully integrated into the Aptana IDE within a few months, and beta integrations already are available for download, company officials said.

Colton said the Aptana IDE has been downloaded more than 400,000 times since its release last August, and together, the projects are approaching 1,000,000 combined downloads, Aptana officials said.

The Aptana IDE is targeted at AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) style development and provides support for JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and HTML and is fully integrated with FireBug for JavaScript debugging. The Aptana IDE is cross-platform, open-source, and free; with the addition and integration of RadRails and RDT, the Aptana IDE will make "Ajax on Rails" a reality, company officials said.

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"With numerous Web 2.0 startups using Ruby on Rails, our embracing of these two projects will have a tremendous and positive effect on the development community," Colton said in a statement. "Were looking forward to providing these developers with a powerful, consistent, end-to-end development environment, spanning all layers: database, Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS and JavaScript."

In a blog post on March 8 following the incorporation of RadRails, Colton wrote: The Aptana IDE and RadRails are both EPL [Eclipse Public License] open-source products, and that will continue in the future. Initially, youll see some immediate bundling of the products, and then well work on making a tighter integration as time goes on."

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