ATandT Developer Program Launches New Website

AT&T has redesigned its developer program Website to better serve the needs of developers creating apps for the AT&T platform.

To better serve its developer base, AT&T has revamped the AT&T Developer Program Website.

AT&T officials said the Website redesign was based on developers' feedback and evolving needs. The developer portal has been redesigned to better support developers and help them get their mobile applications to market quickly and easily.

Developers can now submit applications for distribution through AT&T storefronts and programs through the Developer Dashboard at The dashboard offers streamlined on-boarding processes, click-through agreements and status reports that developers can review and accept online.

"The AT&T Developer Program has long been recognized as a leading resource for mobile application developers," said Carlton Hill, vice president of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, in a statement. "But as the growth in the application industry continues to skyrocket and the environment becomes more complex, we are putting more emphasis on easy access to knowledge and toolsets, and streamlined paths to commercialization."

The AT&T Developer Program and its Website offer extensive support to its developers, the company said in a press release on the news. There is no fee for developers to register with the program. The new Website features a live chat tool for developers to get answers to application questions in real time, a help ticket system for more complex technical escalations, a developer "sandbox" to test and receive feedback on network-enabled applications, and the AT&T Development Center for universities to improve support for the education community.

The new site also features enhanced search capabilities and device filters, as well as new Learn, Develop and Launch sections, to help manage a virtual library of support documents, white papers and more.

Other key new features of the Website include:

  • Mobile Application Planner: designed to provide guidance to developers asking the question, "For what platform should I develop?"

  • AT&T SDK Section: consolidates links to key resources to help developers navigate the tools for different platforms and APIs.

  • Improved Go-To-Market Information: helps developers learn the differences between the OEM storefronts and find what they need to know about co-marketing and selling their applications on AT&T devices' Integrated Community Section; facilitates better information sharing within AT&T Developer Program members by bringing blogs and forums into the main site.