BEA Releases WebLogic Real Time Upgrade

BEA delivers an upgrade to the real-time version of its WebLogic platform.

BEA Systems is scheduled to announce the latest version of BEA WebLogic Real Time on Aug. 28.

BEA, of San Jose, Calif., claims WLRT Core Edition 1.1 is the industrys only Java-based runtime that delivers 30-millisecond maximum response times.

The technology is targeted at applications for the financial services, government, military/aerospace, gaming and manufacturing sectors, the company said.

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WLRT Core Edition 1.1 provides customers with fast, predictable response times that their real-time applications demand; allows customers with soft real-time needs to reap the benefits of a standard Java-based infrastructure, including higher developer productivity, fewer defects and adherence to standards; and enables companies to stop writing and maintaining their own custom infrastructure code and instead focus on the business functionality of their real-time applications, BEA officials said.

Moreover, WLRT enables real-time application developers to use Java in situations that typically call for C or C++, BEA officials said. And the Java elements are more readily integrated into SOA (service-oriented architecture), the company said.

In addition to the core technology, WLRT includes BEA JRockit 5.0 R26, which features deterministic garbage collection; BEA JRockit Runtime Analyzer, an on-demand "flight recorder" that produces detailed recordings to analyze application latency; and BEA WebLogic Express Basic Edition, a Java Servlet engine designed to get developers up and running on BEA WebLogic quickly and inexpensively, the company said.

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