BEA Supports ColdFusion Apps

Newly licensed BlueDragon software will allow BEA customers to run legacy ColdFusion applications on BEA WebLogic Server.

BEA Systems is offering ColdFusion users the ability to run their ColdFusion applications on the BEA WebLogic Server without requiring a rewrite.

BEA, based in San Jose, Calif., announced on April 17 the availability of BlueDragon, BEA WebLogic Edition. The BlueDragon software is from New Atlanta Communications, in Alpharetta, Ga., and BEA licenses the technology, the company said.

BlueDragon is designed to help enable customers to modernize and extend legacy CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) applications to run on BEA WebLogic Server 9.0, BEA officials said.

"Several of our customers are still using CFML to run their businesses," Wai Wong, executive vice president of products at BEA, said in a statement.

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"Todays BlueDragon announcement is further proof of BEAs commitment to helping customers improve application performance and leverage their existing IT assets in service-oriented environments. Its also another example of how the company is continuing to invest in WebLogic Server and find new ways to help customers get to a modern app server without a lot of pain," Wong said.

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Also in a statement, Doug Chambers, IT applications administrator for the Georgia Department of Transportation, said, "BlueDragon is an incredibly valuable application for us. By utilizing BlueDragon, we have been able to standardize our enterprise architecture and leverage, [and] modernize and extend legacy applications throughout our IT systems without costly investments.

"Were excited by the extensive product evolution possibilities that having a big, reputable company like BEA [to] stand behind affords."

ColdFusion has supported WebLogic Server for some time. As early as January of 2003, Macromedia, now Adobe Systems, announced the availability of Macromedia ColdFusion MX for BEA WebLogic Server, allowing Web application developers without Java programming skills to leverage ColdFusion MX to build and deploy applications on the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform.

BEA officials said WebLogic Server has continued to gain momentum in the market to the point that BEA has witnessed a 12 percent increase in year-over-year licensing revenue from WebLogic. This suggests that "we are taking share away from our competition," Wong said in a statement.

Indeed, BEA officials said WebLogic Server continues to outpace BEA competitors such as IBM, JBoss and Oracle in three primary areas: product releases and updates, benchmark scores, and reviews and awards.

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