BlackBerry's Top HTML5 App Dev Winners

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BlackBerry's Top HTML5 App Dev Winners

By Darryl K. Taft

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App Description: BestParking is a parking search engine that steers drivers toward the cheapest and most convenient parking garages or lots in 100 cities and 115 airports throughout North America. Users can save hundreds of dollars with this app. Developer: Ben Sann, founder & CEO,

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App Description: Snapsmate is a shared pinboard for your photos. Every interaction is reflected in real time across all users on a variety of HTML5 devices. It's a technical demonstration of what is achievable with the latest HTML5 technologies, making extensive use of WebSockets and SVG as well as file API, history API and Canvas. Developer Bio: Brett Hannah, a longtime enterprise developer of large-scale financial and trading systems.

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pH Tool

App Description: The pH tool shows pH values for food and fluids. In chemistry, pH is a measure of the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. The tools tab has two modes: one that shows fluid and color for the pH selection by the slide rule, and another that shows pH value for the selected food item from the list. Users can switch between modes by tapping on the needle switch and the info tab displays concise content about the pH value. Developer: Nils Dehl, senior developer and trainer, dkd Internet Service GmbH (Germany), (Nils' website:

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App Description: PurePortal enables wealth management firms to provide their clients with any time, anywhere access to their financial account information via a client access portal. The PurePortal mobile offering allows each firm to reinforce its brand while offering superior customer service. This solution integrates client data into a mobile experience that is personalized for each user. PurePortal is simple and secure, providing data to users that will always be up-to-date and accurate. Developer: Steve Whatmore, software development manager and architect,

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Sencha's Raiders

App Description: Sencha's Raiders is an open-source space-combat simulator developed in Sencha Touch. Fly your ship—the Joint Airframe Combat Killer (JACKy)—on a combat air patrol, defending the Senchite star bases from their enemies. Dock with the Senchite mother ship to repair and refuel your ship. Protect the app universe from inferior technologies and rule the galaxy. Developer Bio: Steve Drucker, founder and president, (Fig Leaf Software)

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App Description: Rvrsit is a sleek, mobile adaptation of the classic board game Othello for the BlackBerry Z10 and uses Sencha Touch, Impact.JS, and Silk.JS. The game is a turn-based strategy game where you compete against the computer or an online player. Rvrsit is a great example of how Sencha Touch can work with various frameworks. Developer Bio: Jay Garcia, CTO and co-founder, (also the author of Ext JS & Sencha Touch in Action)

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App Description: The AirAsia app allows you to book and check-in for Air Asia flights the easy way. Simple layouts ease the booking process and users can pick the lowest all-in-fare, enter details and confirm bookings. The "Manage My Bookings" feature allows users to sign in with an AirAsia ID to check all bookings, and check-in and be allowed the freedom to choose from a host of add-ons. Users can also skip the queues and print boarding passes when they scan their mobile barcode at the airport kiosk. Developer Bio: Rashdan Harith, senior product manager, technology and innovation,

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