Blue Pumpkin to Roll Out Fusion Platform

Platform aims to help companies automate and integrate workforce processes.

New tools from Blue Pumpkin Software will help companies automate and integrate their workforce processes.

Enterprise workforce management software maker Blue Pumpkin, of Sunnyvale, Calif., will launch a new workforce management platform on Monday for its two application sets, Activity Manager and Advisor.

The Blue Pumpkin Fusion platform looks to solve for companies two fundamental problems: a proliferation of disconnected, manual processes and the integration of disparate data sources.

The Fusion platform consists of four components, including a component to house common application services, an application server, an integration engine and a reporting tool.

The Common Application Services component houses all of the common objects and application functionality that an organization needs for workforce management—payroll processes, for example—regardless of which workforce application it might be using, officials said.

For the Application Server component of Fusions platform, Blue Pumpkin will support BEA Systems Inc.s WebLogic and IBMs WebSphere.

Fusion Exchange is the platforms integration engine. Blue Pumpkin provides between 50 and 60 integration adapters to leading telecommunications, payroll and CRM vendors. The integration engine also allows users to build customized adaptors for the integration of legacy applications.

In addition, Fusion Reports allows users to do reports on any common information brought into the system through the Common Application Services.

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