Borland Completes Deal to Acquire Segue

The $100 million deal to acquire Segue Software has been completed; Borland's IDE business still has no buyer.

Borland Software announced the completion of its deal to acquire Segue Software in a transaction valued at about $100 million.

Cupertino, Calif.-based Borland announced on Feb. 8 its plans to acquire Segue and to divest its IDE (integrated development environment) tools business. The company has not yet found a buyer for that business.

Meanwhile, the Segue deal has closed as of April 20, Borland officials said together.

Borland and Segue offer enterprises a comprehensive set of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) products and services designed to improve software quality and make software development a more manageable and successful business process.

Borland has begun the process of integrating its ALM products with Segues Silk and SilkCentral product lines, forming the foundation for Borlands Lifecycle Quality Management solution, which the company expects to deliver later in 2006.

Borland officials said this offering will help customers solve the root cause of quality issues and identify problems when they start as opposed to reacting to symptoms later in the process, when they are more costly.

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"Borlands acquisition [of Segue] is good news as a true application lifecycle management [ALM] solution must not merely support testing, but fully integrate it," wrote Forrester analysts Carey Schwaber and Carl Zetie in a February 2006 research report.

"One of the key benefits driving demand for ALM solutions is traceability, a key component of regulatory compliance requirements. Without Segue, Borlands ALM solution can help shops correlate business requirements with software requirements, models and source code.

"But Segue helps Borland to make this a wrap: By extending traceability to testing, shops can now close the loop by testing code against their associated requirements."

Meanwhile, Tod Nielsen, president and chief executive officer at Borland, said in a statement: "With Segues talented people and best-of-breed products, we are well positioned to change the way our industry looks at software quality—making quality a priority not just for testers and Quality Assurance teams but for every individual involved in delivering high-value software."

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