Borland Developer Tools Upgraded

Borland says its Delphi 7 Studio tools enable developers to build skills for .Net without abandoning current skills.

Borland Software Corp. Tuesday announced Borland Delphi 7 Studio, a new version of its Delphi cross-platform rapid application development environment that integrates modeling, development, and deployment of e-commerce solutions and Web Services.

Scotts Valley, Calif.-based Borland said Delphi 7 Studio provides an independent path to Microsoft Corp.s .Net,. It has features such as a preview of capabilities for the Microsoft .Net Framework that enable developers to write their applications as managed code in Delphi and run them on the .Net platform, the company said.

Using Delphi 7 Studio, the estimated 1 million Delphi developers can begin developing their skills for .NET and preparing applications for .NET without abandoning their existing work and skills on Windows, the company said.

Delphi 7 Studio also includes technology to give developers more control over the development process from concept and design through to production. This includes a new Unified Modeling Language (UML) designer and Model Driven Architecture (MDA) technology.

"Borland continues to give enterprises the means to begin moving to the future without abandoning their past investments," said Simon Thornhill, vice president and general manager at Borland, in a statement. "Delphi 7 Studio allows enterprises to begin a smooth transition to .NET on their own schedule, using skills and resources developers are already familiar with. The addition of high-quality application lifecycle development solutions such as modeling, MDA, reporting, and cross platform deployment to Delphi 7 Studio creates new and exciting application development opportunities for Delphi and sets the stage for continued innovative application development."

Lino Tadros, chief technology officer at Kazoo Software Inc., of San Jose, Calif., called Delphi 7 Studio "a great product." Tadros, who has beta tested the software, said "Delphi needed some kind of UML modeling tool to support the Pascal source."

Tadros also said Delphi development tools "needed a strong reporting engine, and the new engine is a great plus."

The product also features built-in cross-platform support for Linux, as Delphi 7 Studio will be shipped with the Delphi language version of Borland Kylix 3 – Borlands integrated development environment for Linux.

Borland Delphi 7 Studio will be available later this summer in four editions: Architect, Enterprise, Professional, and Personal. A full Delphi language version of Borland Kylix 3 ships with Delphi 7 Studio Architect, Enterprise, and Professional editions.

Delphi 7 Studio Architect is priced at $3,499, Delphi 7 Studio Enterprise at $2,999, Delphi 7 Studio Professional at $999 and Delphi 7 Personal at $99. A 30-day Delphi 7 Studio Architect Trial will be available as a download from Borlands Web site, the company said.