Borland Rolls Out Together 2006 Modeling Tool

Borland targets the newest version of its enterprise software modeling tool at business users, analysts, software architects, designers and developers.

SAN FRANCISCO—Borland Software Corp. announced Monday the latest version of its enterprise software modeling solution, Borland Together 2006.

Borland, of Scotts Valley, Calif., announced the availability of the upgrade at the JavaOne conference here.

Together 2006 supports both BPM (business process modeling) and MDA (model-driven architecture) from a visual environment, the company said. In addition, Together 2006 is based on the Eclipse open-source development framework.

Borland officials said Together 2006 is built on the Eclipse 3.1 integration framework, which will enable users to integrate Together into their Eclipse environments.

/zimages/1/28571.gifBorland recently announced a version of Together for Visual Studio .Net. Click here to read more.

The new Borland offering is targeted at business users and analysts, as well as software architects, designers and developers, the company said.

Together 206 also includes model-level audits and metrics for improved quality, and code-level audits such as Java best practices and an auto-correct feature, the company said. In addition, the Together 006 suite supports the QVT (query/view/transformation) specification, which is a component of MDA.

Moreover, Together 2006 also supports BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation), a standard way of graphically depicting business process modeling in development efforts, enabling users to coordinate, track and visualize processes and messages.

Borland officials said many of the functions from Together 2006 will find their way into the companys overall Software Delivery Optimization product strategy and will be integrated into the Borland Core Software Delivery Platform and the companys Core::Architect role module.

"As a Together customer taking an MDA approach to our own software design efforts, we are very excited to see the advances Borland is delivering with Together 2006," said Alan McCutchen, vice president of engineering for Modus Operandi, a software company that accelerates and simplifies mission-critical EII (enterprise information integration) projects for federal agencies and prime contractors, in a statement. "By combining MDA with EII, we see a paradigm shift away from extensive coding of vertical Web services to an object-oriented integration approach focused upon data modeling. Our customers gain faster time-to-value, stronger potential for re-use across multiple applications, and reduced maintenance costs through this approach."

Also in a statement, Boz Elloy, senior vice president of products at Borland, said: "By bringing new MDA capabilities, which can significantly enhance software resiliency through better architecture, as well as business process modeling support and several other new features, Borland is giving customers access to the latest modeling innovations in a single, easy-to-use toolset."

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