Build's Big Tent

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Build's Big Tent

Microsoft pitched a big tent on an open field on its campus to provide space for the more than 1,000 developers on hand to attend the company's premier developer conference for Windows 8 and other Microsoft platforms.

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A Mess Hall for Developers

Microsoft pitched a second tent, which looked like a military-style mess hall, to feed attendees.

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Build's Call to Action

The software giant gets right down to the reason for the Build event in the first place: to call on developers to build apps for Microsoft's core platforms.

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Ballmer Speaks to Cherished Customers

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer kicked off the Build 2012 event and took a conversational tone with the developer audience, demonstrating some of the new devices supporting Windows 8 and finally announcing that each attendee would receive a new Microsoft Surface RT.

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A Spectacular Start for Windows 8: Ballmer

Ballmer said Windows 8 is off to a spectacular start, having sold more than 4 million Windows 8 upgrades since the launch on Oct. 26.

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Bringing Out the Best New PCs

Windows 8 has enabled the creation of some of the best PCs the industry has seen, Ballmer said.

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Ballmer Touts Big Opportunity for Developers

Windows 8 provides the best opportunity for developers to build and sell applications, Ballmer said.

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Upgrades, New Hardware to Boost App Demand

With the potential for 670 million upgrades and 400 million new Windows 8 machines, Ballmer says Microsoft is where developers should focus their attention.

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Perceptive Pixel Touch Monitor

Here is an image of a Perceptive Pixel touch monitor. Microsoft acquired Perceptive Pixel in July 2012.

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Demonstrating an 82-inch Windows 8 Slate

Steve Ballmer demonstrates an app on what he referred to as an "82-inch Windows 8 slate," which was actually an 82-inch Perceptive Pixel monitor.

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Touch-Enabled Samsung Laptop

Steve Ballmer demonstrates a Windows 8-powered touch-enabled laptop from Samsung.

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Acer Aspire S7-191 Windows 8 Laptop

The Acer Aspire S7-191 is the touch-enabled laptop Steve Ballmer demonstrated at Build 2012.

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Steve Guggenheimer Evangelizing About Windows

Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of developer and platform evangelism, takes the stage to talk about developer opportunity with Windows 8.

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'Googs' Demonstrates Windows 8 Apps

Steve Guggenheimer, also known as "Googs," demos some of the new apps on Windows 8.

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ESPN Executive Takes the Stage

Michael Bayle, senior vice president and general manager of ESPN Mobile, takes the stage at Build 2012.

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Demonstrating a Windows 8 ESPN App

ESPN's Michael Bayle introduces the ESPN app for Windows 8 as Microsoft's Steven Guggenheimer looks on.

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Twitter Supports Windows 8

Twitter tweets about its commitment to deliver an app to support Windows 8.

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Gallo Discusses Windows Phone 8

Kevin Gallo, director of program management for Windows Phone, comes to the stage to discuss Windows Phone 8.

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Windows Phone 8 SDK Introduction

Microsoft's Kevin Gallo introduces the Windows Phone 8 SDK.

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With the help of a few friends, Kevin Gallo shows off a mini hovercraft that is being remotely controlled by a Windows Phone 8 device.

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Grab It

Gallo's friends grab the hovering craft before it can get away.

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Native Games

Kevin Gallo says games account for 75 percent of the top-grossing apps on smartphones.

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Nokia Offers Free Lumia 920s

Richard Kerris, vice president and global head of developer relations at Nokia, takes the stage at Microsoft Build 2012 to announce that every attendee will receive a free Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone.

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Jordan Rudess at the Keyboard

Jordan Rudess, also known as "The Keyboard Wizard," kicked off the Build 2012 conference with some of his unique progressive metal styling using Microsoft technology, including the new Surface tablet.

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"Playing" the Surface

Jordan Rudess demonstrates how he uses the Microsoft Surface tablet PC as a musical device.

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