Business Integration Systems

In the complex and developer-oriented world of BPM, Web services and SOAs, usability and ease of deployment often can be overlooked.


Unify Corp.
NXJ 10.5

In the complex and developer-oriented world of BPM (business process management), Web services and SOAs (service-oriented architectures), usability and ease of deployment often can be overlooked. But Unifys NXJ 10.5 does such a good job of making it simple and fast for companies to create, model and deploy business processes that it was impossible for the judges to ignore these strengths.

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Looking at the overall Unify NXJ platform, it was clear that the product makes it possible for companies to get started creating and integrating processes and business applications in a matter of days rather than the weeks or months that many competing products would require.

Despite the point-release designation, NXJ 10.5 is a major release, with Unify ( adding several important new features, including increased application integration, Web services support and an integrated portal server. Overall, the judges were very impressed with the NXJ process tools ease of use, breadth of capabilities and multiple process deployment options. Unify NXJ, like most good integration solutions, has strong support for open standards and can be deployed across any Java server platform. And starting at $18,000 for a corporate deployment, NXJ is clearly on the affordable side for this type of application.


Amberpoint Inc.
AmberPoint 4.0

Companies that dive headfirst into enterprise use of Web services and SOA quickly learn the difficulty of managing and delivering these now-crucial functions. The AmberPoint 4.0 management solution enables companies to increase the reliability, scalability and visibility of their SOA infrastructure without requiring any changes or code manipulation for the services being managed.

The Excellence Awards judges were impressed with AmberPoints high-level views into the overall health of an SOA and its extremely detailed tracking and monitoring capabilities. AmberPoint is impressively open when it comes to supporting standards and application platforms. Go to for more.

Fuego Inc.
FuegoBPM 5.5

When it comes to high-end, enterprise-class BPM, Fuegos ( FuegoBPM 5.5 doesnt skimp on capabilities. FuegoBPM 5.5 provides an extensive platform for modeling, testing and integrating key business processes and back-end enterprise systems.

Judges were especially impressed with the extensive monitoring and analysis features in FuegoBPM, which includes strong business activity monitoring not only to track business processes but also to optimize them. Also, the strong tool set in FuegoBPM lets businesses put the right tools in the hands of the right users so business analysts dont end up with overly complex developer-oriented tools.

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