CenterForce, RightForce Merge

Both companies develop software designed to make call centers operate more efficiently.

Two companies that develop software designed to make call centers operate more efficiently and effectively came together Wednesday when CenterForce Technologies Inc. and RightForce announced that they would merge.

Both firms are privately held, and financial details were not disclosed. The new company will take the CenterForce name and corporate headquarters in Bethesda, Md., and will be headed up by current CenterForce president and CEO Bob Kelly. RightForce co-founder Gus Agosti will join CenterForce as vice president and oversee the companys applications.

Kelly described "marketplace synergy" as the driver behind the merger.

"RightForce has redefined workforce management for inbound and blended channel centers while CenterForce is the leading provider of productivity optimization tools for outbound calling centers," he said in a statement. "Together, we provide the first end-to-end workforce optimization solution designed exclusively for the needs of todays contact centers. Its precisely where the customer interaction market is heading."

RightForce, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., develops scheduling and planning software under its own name for inbound contact centers that allows them to forecast and schedule proper staff levels and handle customers through multiple channels more efficiently.

CenterForce develops CenterForce Optimizer for outbound call scheduling; CenterForce Planner for outbound staff forecasting; and CenterForce Analyzer, a performance analytics and score card application, for inbound, outbound and blended centers. The software is designed to help outbound call centers reach customers and potential customers more effectively.

"Our solutions can help [contact centers] optimize their staff, analyze their performance, and build on their successes with both inbound and outbound contacts," said Agosti, in a statement. "Its a completely new set of opportunities for many companies, and one they will welcome."