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China Business

An overview of the beautiful 1.39-square kilometer Zhongguancun Software Park.

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China Business - Zhongguancun Software Park Plaza

Open to the public, this landmark building has conference halls, a five-star hotel, centers, gyms, restaurants, and more.

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China Business - Zhongguancun Software Park Recreation Center

Built with international standards, this underground recreation center is open to all professionals working in the park.

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China Business - Global Outsourcing Center

The Global Outsourcing Center provides a headquarters to support global IT service platforms and logistics.

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China Business - Harry Shum

Harry Shum, managing director of Microsoft Research Asia.

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China Business - Wei-Ying Ma

Wei-Ying Ma is a lead researcher at MSR Asia whose 18-person team is working on search and data mining technology.

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China Business - Incubation Center

This modern building is the home of about 100 entrepreneurial companies.

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China Business - Real-time multiview video system

Real-time multiview video system developed by Media Communication Group of Microsoft Research Asia.

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China Business - BEA CEO Alfred Chuang

BEA Systems CEO Alfred Chuang at BEAWorld Beijing.

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China Business - Marcus Tsoi

Marcus Tsoi, vice president and general country manager of BEA China, calls 3G and RFID the big wave opportunities coming in China.

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