Clarify Gains Web Browser Interface

Amdocs announces its first update of ClarifyCRM since acquiring the software last year.

Amdocs Ltd. announced Monday the first release of its ClarifyCRM product since acquiring the customer relationship management software product line from Nortel Networks Corp. last year, adding a browser-based interface, plus improved support for business process management and integration.

This is the first release of Clarify, which first came on the market in 1990, to have a Web browser interface. Clarifys longtime rivals Siebel Systems Inc. and PeopleSoft Inc. (the former Vantive applications) both added browser interfaces to their products last year.

The new browser-based applications are for sales, support and customer interaction management. Clarify has traditionally been strong in the call center space. The suite also includes applications for marketing campaign management and analytics, though not all of those applications are accessed through the browser.

Browser-based and client/server-based applications can operate together, Amdocs officials said. Amdocs is based in Chesterfield, Mo., though the Clarify division is headquartered in San Jose, Calif.

This version also includes the ClarifyCRM Integration Gateway, enabling XML integration between ClarifyCRM and other enterprise systems.

Prior to acquiring Clarify from Nortel last October, Amdocs was best known for developing billing software for the telecommunications industry. ClarifyCRM 11 includes Amdocs Billing Manager software that enables integration between ClarifyCRM and the Amdocs Billing software suite.

Though the company continues to support Clarify customers in various industries, it is targeting the product to the telecommunications vertical it knows so well.

This release also includes Process Manager, a business process management engine developed by Amdocs to define, automate, monitor and forecast customer-centric business processes used by ClarifyCRM and other systems that interact with it.