Cloud9 IDE Sets Sights on Enterprise Developers

Cloud9 IDE announced a new set of software development products and services aimed at the enterprise developer.

With more developers beginning to look to the cloud as a development platform, Cloud9 IDE, provider of a cloud-based integrated development environment, has launched a new suite of products for the enterprise.

The new suite of products includes a co-branded and on-premise online IDE that enables professional Web and mobile developers in the enterprise to work together and collaborate in remote teams anywhere, any time, the company said.

"Delivering an untethered development process that supports faster and better innovation is the core of the Cloud9 IDE promise," Ruben Daniels, CEO and founder of Cloud9 IDE, said in a statement. "We're excited to bring this to the enterprise market for the first time, and expect to see the bottom-line effects take root pretty quickly."

Founded in 2010, Cloud9 IDE is an online development platform for JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby, PHP and Python applications, and it offers syntax highlighting support for HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and 37 additional programming languages. Cloud9 IDE is open-source, enabling developers to freely customize their environment according to their preference.

With the enterprise developer in its sights, Cloud9 IDE has set out to solve the workflow problems that exist with large-scale projects at the enterprise level. Due to a lack of consistency, developers spend an excessive amount of time overcoming platform differences in dependencies and system configurations, the company said. The launch of a Cloud9 IDE enterprise offering helps ensure every company project created on the Cloud9 IDE platform receives its own Enterprise Linux container--or "workspace"--to build, test, debug and deploy code for a consistent foundation. Cloud IDEs play a pivotal role in removing the friction between development and operations, which ultimately benefits the bottom line for any enterprise.

The co-branded service of the Cloud9 IDE enterprise offering includes the Cloud9 IDE hosted and maintained infrastructure, partner-controlled landing and log-in page, partner-controlled log-in technique, customization of the look of the IDE to match partner branding, customization of existing IDE functionality, and the ability to add extensions or new functionality to the IDE.

The on-premise service includes the Cloud9 IDE hosted private cloud infrastructure with secure VPN connection to on-premise workspaces, on-premise workspaces maintained by customer via local installation of OpenShift Origin, on-premise workspaces and code completely controlled and owned by customer, and Cloud9 IDE maintained private cloud infrastructure.

Cloud9 IDE supports open-source development by offering its public service for free, in addition to these new offerings for the enterprise.

Meanwhile, the competing eXo Cloud IDE supports Java in addition to its support for HTML, JavaScript, Groovy, PHP and Ruby languages. eXo Cloud IDE also offers a quick and easy on-ramp for deploying applications directly to several major platform as a service (PaaS) solutions, including CloudBees, Heroku, and Red Hat OpenShift, eXo officials said.

Launched in March, eXo Cloud IDE is a multi-tenant, hosted-development environment that enables social coding--the collaborative development of applications, gadgets and mash-ups that can be deployed directly to a PaaS. eXo Cloud IDE is available online at

"The primary goal of eXo Cloud IDE is to provide a cloud service where teams of developers can collaborate and build applications in the language they prefer, while also giving them the freedom and flexibility to deploy their applications to the different cloud platforms available in the market," said Benjamin Mestrallet, eXo founder and CEO.

Earlier this year, at the Google I/O developer conference in June, eXo announced that eXo Cloud IDE, now integrates with Google App Engine so that developers building Java or Python applications for Google App Engine can develop, debug, deploy and manage their applications through a browser--entirely online.

"eXo Cloud IDE for Google App Engine makes it easy for developers to develop, debug and deploy Web apps directly to the Google App Engine," Chris Ramsdale, Google App Engine product manager, said at the time of the announcement. "It's a full-featured, Web-based IDE that makes it extremely easy for developers to get up and running, building great applications that run on Google's infrastructure."