Danube Releases ScrumWorks Pro 4 Agile Development System

Danube Technologies releases its ScrumWorks Pro 4 project management tool, which enables large development organizations to scale Scrum deployments across the enterprise.

Danube Technologies, a provider of project management tools and training for the Scrum methodology of agile software development, has released its new ScrumWorks Pro 4 project management tool.

Danube released the tool at the Agile 2009 Conference in Chicago. The product, initially launched on Aug. 3, enables large development organizations to scale Scrum deployments across the enterprise.

"Agile 2009 is the premier event for the entire agile community, and ScrumWorks Pro 4 represents an additional proof point on the continued maturity of Scrum practices in the enterprise," said Laszlo Szalvay, co-founder and CEO at Danube. "We are excited to officially introduce ScrumWorks 4 directly to the agile community in Chicago, and look forward to gaining continued feedback from hands-on practitioners that will help us continuously improve our products."

Moreover, Danube officials said as Scrum continues to gain popularity among developers and managers, the framework that was originally conceived for use with small, co-located teams is being scaled to accommodate Scrum-of-Scrum installations of thousands of users. However, as many large organizations have attempted to translate the benefits of small-team Scrum to enterprise-level installations, the available Scrum and agile tools lacked functionality powerful enough to accurately model such complex development, the company said.

ScrumWorks Pro 4 addresses the needs of larger development organizations by providing an intuitive way to track cross-product development at the program level. By using "Themes," or keyword tags for convenient sorting and filtering, users can assign an "Epics" theme to all the constituent products in a program. This allows them to roll up data into a high-level program view, providing a realistic assessment of progress and enabling informed release forecasting. For more information, visit http://www.danube.com/news/Danube_Releases_ScrumWorks_Pro_4.

ScrumWorks Pro 4 is available and can be purchased directly from Danube. Pricing is offered through an on-site, per-seat subscription license that starts at $289 per user, per year, or less than $25 per user, per month, as well as an on-site, per-seat fully paid license for $500.