Day Software Launches Java Developer Competition

The contest, which runs into the summer, is designed to have developers use the JCR API.

LAS VEGAS - Day Software is launching the company's first global Day JCR Cup 2008 competition, designed to encourage the development of content-centric applications based on the Java Content Repository application programming interface for content access.

Day Software on March 26 announced the competition at TheServerSide Java Symposium here. Day Software sells global content management and content infrastructure software. The JCR API for content access is known as Java Specification Request (JSR) 170.

Day officials said contest participants will be able to leverage Day's CRX, a fully JCR-compliant content repository based on Apache Jackrabbit, and the bundled rapid Web development framework to create blogs, wikis, business process management, multi-channel content delivery and enterprise content management applications that demonstrate originality, high-quality design and code, appropriate use of the JCR API.

The company said entries will be accepted through midnight Pacific time July 31 and will be judged by a panel of developers and technologists that include David Nuescheler, Day's chief technology officer and the spec lead for JSR 170 and JSR 283, Joseph B. Ottinger, editor of TheServerSide, and Michael Marth, an industry expert on Java and open-source technologies. The winner will receive a fully loaded MacBook Pro with a 17-inch widescreen.

"In the past, content-centric applications were typically built using legacy repositories, databases and file-systems that lacked standardized infrastructural facilities," Nuescheler said. "Today, the JCR standard, in conjunction with JCR-compliant repositories, represents the ideal foundation for new content-centric applications that can be built quickly and elegantly, with a focus on users and their content."

Developers interested in competing or reviewing contest rules can visit the Day JCR Cup 2008 Web site here.