Demo Mobile Part Two

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Demo Mobile Part Two

With a small and simple interface, I easily developed a simple, two-table application to capture story ideas and photos.

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Demo Mobile Part Two - The 10-Minute PDA App Builder

I built and deployed this Pocket PC Application in less than 10 minutes using Adesso, a nifty, rapid application-development tool for tablets, smart phones and Pocket PCs.

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Demo Mobile Part Two - MediaCast System Feeds Digital Signs Cellularly

Using the cellular network, digital signs and kiosks can be updated quickly with pricing and other information, without building an expensive IT infrastructure in each retail outlet.

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Demo Mobile Part Two - A ZigBee Radio Board

This is a sample ZigBee radio slapped onto a fire alarm. The radios are simple to make and should add between $1 and $5 to devices, including light switches, fire alarms and HVAC controllers.

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