Digital Railroad Unveils Photo Feeds

Photographers can use the service to market images via RSS to agencies and publishers.

Imagine being able to capture your photo images, upload them to your own unique archive, manage the rights of usage and then use RSS feed technology to sell them to agencies and publishers around the world in minutes or less.

With the unveiling of Digital Railroad Inc.s rights-managed Photo Feeds at the DEMO@15 conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., individual photographers and photo agencies now have a way to increase their marketing reach worldwide to prospective buyers, consumers and bloggers, while at the same time considerably lessening their production time.

Photo Feeds delivers personalized feeds to photo buyers, alleviating them of the need to search and monitor multiple archives, the company said.

In order to get the image fees, photo buyers, consumers and bloggers subscribe through RSS, Atom or JavaScript and can personalize their subscriptions by subject, keyword or member archive.

Subscribers receive thumbnails and metadata linked to archived high-resolution images, the company said.

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Commenting on the technology, Evan Nisselson, CEO and founder of the New York-based Digital Railroad, said via phone, "Were pushing the envelope with the RSS side. Our goal is empowering on both sides of photography. One of the biggest challenges for photographers is how to make people aware of the images youre capturing instantaneously. On the photo editor side, its challenging to search daily through hundreds of photos, but with this technology you can subscribe using keywords and get those specific images you want."

For example, a photo editor wants pictures regarding the Afghanistan election and subscribes using keywords "Afghan election," and within minutes the editor has several images delivered through Photo Feeds.

Nisselson noted the example of AINA Photo, Afghanistans first photo agency, powered by Digital Railroad.

"AINA photo agency has an archive and is working out of an old Taliban prison. Those photographers for the first time are able to get their images out to the world on even an hourly basis."

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