DreamFactory, Intel Team to Ease IoT App Development

DreamFactory joins forces with Intel to help developers build Internet of things apps faster and easier.

Internet of Things

DreamFactory Software announced that its open-source REST API backend can now be paired with the Intel IoT Gateway to help developers build Internet of things (IoT) applications.

With DreamFactory's backend, developers do not have to build their own APIs to store, process and access IoT data collected by a variety of device types, platforms and interface methods.

"The combination of DreamFactory and Intel can play a significant role in enabling IoT for commercial, consumer and industrial applications," said Bill Appleton, co-founder and CEO of DreamFactory, in a statement. "We share a vision for relieving developers of time spent on building custom interfaces, so they can more rapidly build applications that put IoT data to work for both businesses and end users."

DreamFactory is a member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. In combination with the Intel IoT Gateway, DreamFactory's backend provides RESTful Web services that simplify the connection of IoT sensors, devices and gateways to backend services, and accelerates the development of applications and services that leverage IoT data.

"Data-driven Internet of things applications depend on trusting the data source," Geetha Dabir, vice president and general manager of the Application-Ready Platforms Division in the Intel Internet of Things Group, said in a statement. "The Intel IoT Gateway provides the security and manageability required for maintaining a quality data pipeline from the edge. Combined with our rich set of connectivity and runtime capabilities, it's easy to build connected solutions starting with Intel IoT Gateways at the edge, and intelligently directing the right data to DreamFactory's API services. Together, it just makes for a solution that's readily tailored for unique applications and a faster time to market."

FramTack, a development firm that specializes in embedded and industrial automation technology (including machine-to-machine technology), is using DreamFactory, FramTack's Solution Family software and Intel IoT Gateway hardware to connect IP-based smart devices that monitor industrial equipment to sophisticated cloud-based services and applications.

"The DreamFactory REST API backend saves us from having to build custom APIs and complex server-side software to interface with cloud services and application databases," said Chris Tacke, CTO of FramTack. "With DreamFactory, we can create, collect, aggregate and cloud-publish data from any device or machine, with complete flexibility to read and write to any cloud, and to connect that data with different cloud services. This dramatically shortens our prototyping and development phases."

DreamFactory helps speed development of secure IoT applications in several ways. For instance, on an Intel IoT Gateway, DreamFactory provides secure REST APIs to local data storage as well as remote databases and cloud services. For IoT analytics and other business applications built on IoT sensor data, DreamFactory provides reusable, customizable REST APIs to virtually any backend data source, including SQL, NoSQL, file storage and more.

In collaboration with Intel, DreamFactory has developed a tutorial that demonstrates how to set up an Intel IoT Gateway to write sensor data to any SQL or NoSQL database using DreamFactory to enable backend database access.