Dynatrace Launches Synthetic Monitoring Engine

Dynatrace's new Synthetic Monitoring release is powered by a new analytics engine.

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ORLANDO, Fla.—Dynatrace, formerly known as Compuware APM, a provider of application performance management (APM) solutions, this week announced a new release of Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring.

The new release, formerly known as Compuware APMaaS Synthetic, is powered by the company's new analytics engine. Rather than simply presenting raw data, the new analytics engine empowers IT teams with actionable answers to performance questions, Steve Tack, vice president of product management at Dynatrace, told eWEEK.

Leveraging billions of daily data points and years of expertise, this new capability helps organizations move from traditional mobile and Web application monitoring to the proactive management and optimization of their digital users' experience.

Dynatrace announced the new release at its Perform 2014 conference here.

"We have been using the Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring investigation tools to help find and fix our Web performance and availability issues," said Jessica Moyle, product manager at Poppin, an office supplies provider and Dynatrace customer. "Dynatrace just made it even better as the root cause analysis feature now runs the investigation for us and summarizes problems."

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring enables businesses to detect, classify, identify and gather information on root causes of performance issues. It also now provides instant triage, problem ranking and cause identification, and eliminates costly and time-consuming issue investigation.

Tack said automatic detection, classification and performance monitoring of all third-party services used by the business mobile and Web applications enables IT teams to regain control of unmonitored services that are heavily relied upon. Moreover, outages and issue notifications allow IT teams to become more proactive in identifying and preventing user-impacting issues.

Dynatrace's smart analytics engine reduces hours of manual troubleshooting down to a matter of seconds with its unique automated root cause analysis, Tack said. Answers are seamlessly integrated into alert investigation for fast incident management.

"There's a lot happening between your app and the actual endpoint," Tack said. "You get a dashboard to monitor all the services you depend on. With our analytics engine, you get a performance expert in a box."

The Dynatrace purpose-built mobile and Web performance optimization analytics target specific performance anti-patterns and embed best practices gained from thousands of customer experiences. In addition, dynamic and automatic identification and ranking of problem areas saves time on triage and performance remediation cycles and frees up time to be spent on new development and innovation.

The new release also features proactive Internet service provider failure notifications with a new third-party services dashboard that automatically detects and displays the hosts a customer's Websites uses. Dynatrace real-time smart analytics engine correlates outage data observed worldwide with the services used by a Website. When an ad provider, content delivery network (CDN) or any other service experiences a performance degradation, the IT team is notified so proactive action may be taken.

"We have helped thousands of customers deliver digital moments that delight their end consumers and employees," Tack said in a statement. "We have captured those best practices and embedded them to automate performance analysis for mobile and Web channels. Now all Dynatrace customers can benefit from this expertise with the industry's most complete and fastest root-cause analysis. Not only will this enable them to provide their users with superior experiences, it will lower their costs and increase their bottom-line results."