EDS, Maxamine to Launch B2B Web Site Service

Service aims to help companies better manage their Web sites and measure the return on Web site investments.

Web analytics software maker Maxamine Inc. and Electronic Data Systems announced Monday an expanded relationship that will result in a new Business-to-business e-subscription service for Web site score cards.

EDS, of Plano, Texas, will resell access to the Maxamine Knowledge Platform Web analytics software that provides Scorecard reports via subscription from EDS Internet site.

EDS will use the Scorecards and Web analytics software with its own solutions to help customers align performance with strategic objectives, better manage their Web sites and measure the return on Web site investments—a metric that is typically difficult to measure, officials said.

EDS and Maxamine, of San Ramon, Calif., also announced the launch of the EDS/Maxamine Website Scorecard Report Service, targeted at companies that have invested heavily in their Web presence.

The Report Service is geared to help reveal a Web sites strengths and weaknesses. It provides summary reports for executives, with granular details for the IT teams that manage the sites.

Using the drill-down capability of the reports, Web team members have the ability to take immediate corrective action for any issues that turn up.

Under the agreement with Maxamine, EDS will use the Scorecard software to measure the effectiveness of its own sites.

The company reported that with more than 3.5 million page views and 600,000 unique user sessions per month on its eds.com site alone, basic traffic reports werent enough to determine the sites efficacy.

The overall goals with using the software for EDS is to shorten the find and fix process of Web site maintenance, and to standardize on a common measurement and site management platform across its enterprise.