EDS Rolls Out New PLM Offering

New software provides engineers with industry-specific, configurable solutions for streamlined, repeatable business processes.

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EDS PLM [product lifecycle management] Solutions on Wednesday will announce the release of its Teamcenter High Tech Electronics [THTE] software, designed to help manufacturers stay ahead of competition as they develop new products more rapidly.

THTE provides engineers with industry-specific, configurable solutions in the form of templates for streamlined, repeatable business processes. Overall, the templates allow for collaborative development and expandability to an open, standards-based infrastructure.

Available now, THTE is part of the EDS PLM software group that includes Teamcenter Aerospace and Defense and Teamcenter Automotive Supplier.

The High Tech Electronics software provides an integrated, Web-enabled environment where companies can manage all of the product lifecycle data that is created by their product development teams.

Specifically, THTE provides some new feature functionality, including templatized, repeatable business processes. The built-in templates support workflow-driven collaboration, review, release, distribution and change processes.

Part and supplier management capabilities, along with change management functions, allow users to expedite change solutions from problem reporting through to impact analysis, change approval and change execution, EDS officials said.

At the same time, a companys supply chain members can access any element of a product definition and have the ability to adapt to external changes while remaining internally compatible, allowing suppliers and partners to join dispersed development teams on the basis of user entitlements.

THTE provides a single source of product information—from existing systems, officials said. Users have a single, consistent entry point to access, share and view information about a product, throughout its lifecycle.

Meanwhile, users are able to establish product definitions created with in-house or supplier ECAD, MCAD and parts classification, supplier management and document authorizing systems. The data is integrated with Teamcenters visualization files, allowing users to work in the format they are most comfortable with.

THTE is built on a standards-based infrastructure that includes Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Microsofts .Net framework, UDDI, XML, SOAP and other Web services technologies.

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