Electric Cloud Offers 1-Year Free Access to App Build Tool

Electric Cloud is offering developers one year of free access to its ElectricAccelerator Developer Edition (EADE) tool that the company claims can improve app build times by 70 percent.

Electric Cloud, a provider of develop and test cloud solutions, has announced it is offering developers one year of free access to a developer tool that can speed up application builds by as much as 70 percent.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Electric Cloud said it is offering a one-year subscription of its ElectricAccelerator Developer Edition (EADE) at no cost for the next 60 days to developers worldwide. Using the application developer's own multi-core desktop, EADE reliably speeds the build process and increases productivity€”delivering better products faster.

"With EADE, we're taking our market-leading build acceleration technology and democratizing it so any developer can quickly and easily see the benefits using inexpensive and off-the-shelf multi-core machines," said Electric Cloud CEO Mike Maciag, in a statement. "As more developers move to agile methodologies and, by extension, more frequent iterations€”the necessity for a solution like EADE is inarguable."

Electric Cloud officials said EADE ensures fast and accurate builds by identifying and monitoring dependencies. This patented technology completely automates the dependency management of software builds, enabling both aggressive and reliable parallelization across all available cores of the developer's desktop€”from four all the way up to 64. For the next 60 days, Electric Cloud is offering a free one-year subscription for the four-core version of EADE. This offer includes ElectricInsight, a graphical build analytics tool that provides build visualization and debugging capabilities.

"With other solutions, you can choose to be fast and dangerous or slow and safe. With EADE, you can be both fast and safe," said David Rosen, product manager of ElectricAccelerator, in a statement.

With this offer, anyone can download the new version of EADE, install it on a machine and immediately start recognizing the benefits of a faster build cycle through parallelization, Electric Cloud said. The first one-year subscription is being offered at no cost, with $10 per-month subscription pricing after that.

For more information on EADE and to download a free version, go here.