Evolute Uses Automation to Speed Up Enterprise Moves to Containers

Evolute’s container platform can rapidly scale, minimizing the complexity and cost of virtualization. By shortening implementation and using its speed, it reduces organizational downtime.


Just when you were pretty sure there are enough data integration service providers to go around, along comes a new startup called Evolute.

Evolute is a new independent container deployment specialist and a creator of highly scalable cloud migration and container technology. The news this week is that the Mountain View, Calif.-based startup has released its software platform for enterprises, which uses automation to enable large IT departments to quickly and reliably migrate and run software applications between differing computing environments up to 10 times faster than virtualization solutions.

This ostensibly is done at a fraction of the cost of conventional virtualization packages, thus improving the bottom line for the company.

Evolute also revealed that it has been selected to join Chevron Technology Ventures’ Catalyst Program, which is designed to support early-stage technology companies innovating in smart oil fields, advanced materials and other core software and systems technology.

Virtualization Has Proven Costly, Slow-Moving

Due to the continued rise in the complexity of applications, processing and network interface issues, virtualization has turned out to be costly and time intensive, limiting the portability of applications between various clouds within an IT organization. As a result, enterprises are turning to the container industry in record numbers, with analyst estimates (451 Research) reaching up to $2.7 billion in market size by 2020.

Evolute’s container platform can rapidly scale, minimizing the complexity and cost of cloud and virtualization technology. By shortening implementation and leveraging its speed, Evolute reduces organizational downtime and enables enterprises to achieve new capabilities in their infrastructures. This allows enterprises to recover time spent performing maintenance to achieve continuous operations measured at up to $1 million per hour in savings.

“What we really want to do is help drive the next generation of enterprises,” CEO and founder Kristopher Francisco told eWEEK. “What we’re focusing on is how they will reach this next generation of services—some call it digital transformation, we call it just darn good infrastructure.

“We actually provide the container platforms that allow Fortune 500 IT managers to compute in the cloud—just like Apple Siri or Google Search. We do this by providing a capability that first allows enterprises to move to the container technology.”

Enterprises Typically Have More than 500 Applications

A typical enterprise has more than 500 applications, Francisco said. “It normally takes three to six months per application to move into the container environment; we’ve been able to completely automate the process and the software capabilities to move them into a container, which takes us about three minutes on average,” he said.

That would certainly be a good example of time-saving automation—especially if the previous generation of transferring apps and all their data and connectivity took three to six months apiece.

Thus, with this speed of transformation, Evolute’s container platform enables Fortune 500 companies in the high tech, banking and energy industries time to innovate in their cloud and edge environments, instead of having to monitor the data integration project for such a long time.

Business benefits of the platform, according to Francisco, include:

Speed and reduced implementation time: Streamlines software migration from 12 to 18 months to as few as three minutes. Evolute allows enterprises to achieve10 times faster operations and scalability in the cloud or for existing business operations at the edge, increasing operational agility.

Scalability: Container technology enables organizations to scale in the cloud, providing seamless growth and significant business impact.

Enhanced security: Existing solutions have insecure implementations, leaving company data and enterprise systems vulnerable to attack. Evolute protects the container, application and network by authenticating all interactions, hardening and enhancing overall security.

Cost savings: Cuts hardware and software costs by up to 60 percent and enables more effective operations, saving customers millions in migration costs and offering up to $1 million per hour in impact which can be repurposed to achieve core business optimization.

Flexible storage with each container: Unlike other solutions that offer storage at the host level, each Evolute container comes with native storage access allowing software to scale natively and organizations to democratize their landscape.

Effective management: With increased scale and speed comes increased complexity. Evolute accelerates the rate at which operators can meet this new demand by scaling the way they engage and react to operational issues.

Legacy application support: Evolute has the ability to migrate all legacy applications into its platform, improving overall business efficiency.

Evolute was founded in 2015 and is funded by Right Side Capital Management, Alchemist Accelerator, and industry veterans from IBM, Splunk and Apple.

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