eWeek Newsbreak, January 29, 2009

Google's long-awaited offline access for Gmail is here, bringing a sigh of relief to users of Google's messaging and collaboration software. Google Apps Standard Edition users will be able to access it immediately with a few steps, while consumers will see a more gradual rollout. The move should put Google on a more level playing field in cloud computing versus Microsoft, Yahoo Zimbra, Zoho and others with e-mail clients that already provide offline access. IT companies of all sizes are looking to join the push toward greater energy efficiency by creating new power management tools that can curb carbon emissions. Cisco Systems is one company that is offering new software called "EnergyWise" that can monitor the energy consumption of different electronic devices. Panasonic is adding new features and functionality to its line of rugged Toughbook laptops, designed for use in more strenuous environments. The Panasonic Toughbook 30 laptop and the Panasonic Toughbook 19 tablet notebook offer improved memory security and battery life. In addition, Panasonic boosted screen visibility to appeal to the company's core audience of users, including field workers and emergency first responders, who are frequently outdoors. Panasonic is also using Intel's vPro technology, which gives IT departments a better way to manage and secure a fleet of laptops. Data leakage and data loss is at an all time high, so it-