eWEEK Newsbreak Video April 2 2010

Oracle is introducing the first major new release of the Tuxedo application server since it acquired the technology with the buyout in BEA Systems back in 2008. The new edition, called Oracle Tuxedo 11g, will support the Python and Ruby development languages as well as the long-time mainstays of C/C++ and COBOL. Engine Yard, a provider of a cloud computing platform for Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications, has announced a new professional support offering for JRuby developers. Commercial JRuby support from Engine Yard includes developer assistance and advice on how to tune and optimize JRuby in production environments. With reviews of the Apple iPad being released, Sprint has been quick to remind consumers of their 4G Overdrive high-speed hotspot offering. Sprint claims that on its 4G network, the iPad can surf the Web at speeds up to 10 times faster than on a 3G network. IBM announces the IBM Global Entrepreneur initiative. It provides start-ups with no-charge access to industry-specific technologies in a cloud computing environment. Under the new program, IBM will provide access to its Research community as well as sales, marketing and technical skills. And Ashley Daley wraps a few of the best online April Fools Jokes!