Excellence Awards 6 Winners, Finalists Show Innovation Up and Down IT Stack

eWEEK announces the winners and finalists in its annual search for technology's best.

The eWEEK Excellence Awards program focuses on tasks rather than technologies. Were not identifying the word processor of the year or the desktop database of the year. Rather, were looking from the top to the bottom of the enterprise IT stack and asking where innovation is focused in any year at every tier.

That question gets asked at the foundation-in servers and storage and operating systems-and asked again all the way up through the user- and partner-facing tiers, such as those that manage a labor force or supply chain. The answers reveal the changing themes that drive each years new developments on many tiers at once.


In previous years, the pervasive themes of Excellence have included the explosion of wireless connectivity and the dramatic growth in security issues. This years recurring theme was the need to live up to mandates of stronger and more transparent enterprise governance, whether dictated by legislation or arising from informed stakeholders concerns.

The sixth annual Excellence Awards program was open to any enterprise technology product announced in 2005 and released before the end of the first quarter of 2006. The entries were judged by a team of technology experts-comprising eWEEK Labs analysts and members of the eWEEK Corporate Partner Advisory Board, senior IT professionals who represent eWEEK readers.

Were pleased to offer our readers this annual guide to Excellence, including the winners and finalists in 19 categories.

  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Application Development
  • Business Integration Systems
  • Business Relationship Management
  • Desktop & Mobile Hardware
  • E-Business Foundations
  • E-Mail Management & Security
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Enterprise Storage Hardware
  • Enterprise Storage Software
  • IT Quality Assurance Tools
  • Productivity Applications
  • Server Hardware
  • Networking & Management Tools
  • Networking Infrastructure
  • System & Application Management
  • Authentication & User Management
  • Network Data-Stream Protection
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation