FeedHenry Offers Mobile Development on VMware Cloud Foundry PaaS

FeedHenry partners with VMware to deliver a cross-platform mobile development solution fully integrated with the Cloud Foundry platform as a service (PaaS) back-end.

FeedHenry, a maker of enterprise mobility solutions for the development, deployment and management of mobile apps, recently launched its Mobile Application Platform on the VMware Cloud Foundry platform as a service (PaaS).

According to the company, FeedHenry's mobile application platform is the only cloud-based mobile application solution that allows developers to build HTML5, JavaScript and CSS apps with a fully integrated Node.js back-end on Cloud Foundry.Developers can now use the FeedHenry solution to build and deploy mobile applications for many smartphones and tablets with back-end functionality hosted on their CloudFoundry.com account.

In a guest blog on the Cloud Foundry site, Michael O Foghlu, CTO of FeedHenry said:

"Available today at mobilecf.feedhenry.com, Cloud Foundry developers can build mobile apps using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS fully integrated and instantly staged to their CloudFoundry.com account. To get started, simply download the FeedHenry Command Line tool, using your existing CloudFoundry.com credentials. New subscribers to CloudFoundry.com can join using the promotion code "feedhenry.""

FeedHenry officials said the majority of new application development is being done with a "mobile-first" mindset. However, developers are building mobile front-end applications separately, and integrating with back-end services manually. To leverage the benefits of PaaS for mobile applications, developers need a way to develop, deploy and scale these cross-platform applications on the PaaS in a seamless manner. Enter FeedHenry.

"We are seeing a shift to mobile-first development within enterprises, which requires their PaaS solution to provide an integrated mobile development and deployment platform," said Jerry Chen, vice president of cloud and application services at VMware, in a statement. "FeedHenry's cross-platform mobile development solution can make it easier and faster for Cloud Foundry developers to build and deploy these applications."

"Mobile apps are transforming how and where information is being consumed and how customers interact with organizations," Cathal McGloin, CEO of FeedHenry, said in a statement. "FeedHenry and VMware have partnered to bring a valuable solution that can enable developers speed of deployment, instant scalability, device and cloud independence with the ability to easily integrate to back-end information."

Indeed, developers can start building mobile applications today on the FeedHenry platform at mobilecf.feedhenry.com. New Cloud Foundry members can register and enter promotion code "feedhenry" while existing members gain immediate access from their account. All CloudFoundry.com developers will receive a free account on the FeedHenry platform, and have access to the FeedHenry Web-based AppStudio development environment. Cloud Foundry developers can download the FeedHenry Command Line tool to use all of the features of the FeedHenry platform. The platform allows the use of any third-party JavaScript library on the client side and any JavaScript Node.js modules on the server side. The server-side business and integration logic is developed using JavaScript and developers can use any of the standard FeedHenry APIs for integration, caching, storage and encryption.