Final Call for JAX Innovation Awards Nominations

There is one week left for developers to submit nominations for the JAX Innovation Awards, which will honor key innovations, individuals and companies in the Java space.

Developers interested in entering technology for evaluation in the JAX Innovation Awards program have one more week to submit nominations before the deadline for entries.

The JAX Innovation Awards, sponsored by S&S Media, is a three-month awards program launched in April to recognize and reward innovation in the Java ecosystem from around the world. Nominations are still open in three categories: Most Innovative Java Technology, Most Innovative Java Company and Top Java Ambassador. (Disclosure: Darryl K. Taft, author of this article is a judge in the contest.)

A large volume of nominations across all categories have already been received, but S&S Media is calling for even more submissions to ensure the JAX innovation awards reflect opinion across the entire Java Ecosystem. Companies and individuals are free to nominate the people, technologies and companies they feel most deserve recognition for their value to the world of Java. Nominations can be made at

When nominations close on May 16, a panel of judges will review entries and determine a shortlist for voting. The panel includes RedMonk's James Governor; Groovy, Grails and GPars committer Dierk Konig; Kito Mann, editor-in-chief of JSF Central; Duke's Choice Award 2005 winner Fabiane Bizinella Nardon; Ted Neward of Neward & Associates; Bruno Souza, Java champion and evangelist; industry reporter Darryl K. Taft of eWEEK; and Sebastian Meyen of S&S Media.

The most Innovative Java Technology award is granted to the most innovative new Java technology that solves a particularly challenging problem in a creative way, is characterized by technical brilliance in both architecture and implementation, enriches the Java Ecosystem in terms of practicality and relevance, and brings a new perspective to the application of Java technology.

The most Innovative Java Company award is given to the most innovative company that is characterized by ingenuity and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the Java ecosystem, demonstrates an inventive business model based on Java technologies, and leverages the potential commercial value of the Java platform in an original and inspiring way.

The Top Java Ambassador award goes to the person or group who shows outstanding commitment as an advocate of the Java Ecosystem, makes a significant contribution to the establishment of an open culture of communication and innovation within the Java community, and helps increase the value potential of the Java ecosystem, through technical or organizational accomplishments.

Finalists will be announced May 30, 2011, with voting opening online June 1. Worldwide Java communities, organizations, companies and individuals will be invited to cast their votes and determine the winners.

The JAX Innovation Awards were originally conceived in 2006 in Germany with a European focus. To recognize the global extension of the JAX brand, the scale and scope of the JAX Innovation Awards has been increased to invite every company, community and person working in the Java Ecosystem worldwide.

The JAX Innovation Awards will culminate in a presentation ceremony at the JAX Conference to be held June 20-23 in San Jose, Calif.