FinePrint Software Launches Server Editions

New versions of pdfFactory, pdfFactory Pro and FinePrint seek to meet trend of "PDFing"-skipping paper copies entirely in favor of PDFs.

Server Edition versions designed for use in a network environment offer centralized control and support of enterprise-wide PDF creation and printing management tools.

FinePrint Software released server editions of its pdfFactory and pdfFactory Pro—the companys PDF-creation software tools—and FinePrint, its printing-utility software.

The server editions include: centralized installation and updates, shared configuration, license management and monitoring, and a configurable user interface.

Companies can globally customize the user interface companywide or even set up multiple versions of pdfFactory that can each be uniquely customized.

For instance, one might set up a version for use only with specific security sensitive features.

FinePrint Software, based in San Francisco, released the server editions because of the growing trend in "PDFing" instead of printing, said Jonathan Weiner, president of FinePrint Software.

"Our products pdfFactory and pdfFactory Pro are being used more and more, and people are telling us now they are increasingly skipping the printing it out and putting it in an envelope method, and instead theyre just sending PDFs to folks."

pdfFactory is an economical tool for creating PDF files.

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