Firstwave to Move to .Net-Based Workflow

Licensing a .Net framework from Extreme Logic, Firstwave plans to build a Web services-oriented workflow engine.

Firstwave Technologies Inc. announced Monday that it has licensed from Extreme Logic Inc. a .Net framework, which it will use to build a Web services-oriented workflow engine.

Firstwave, which develops online customer relationship management software, will build the workflow engine to handle CRM workflow and call scripting using Extreme Logics framework, which has been developed in the C# language.

Firstwave officials said the .Net architecture of the workflow engine would allow for easy integration with other applications and devices, plus support changing business environments and requirements.

"Firstwaves incorporation of this framework has eliminated significant costs associated with proprietary development and permits us to be one of the first to deliver a .Net based solution in the CRM workflow and call-scripting functions," said Richard Brock, founder and CEO of Firstwave, in a statement. Brock praised Extreme Logics ".Net savvy architecture."

As part of the licensing agreement, Atlanta-based Firstwave will also gain access to ExtremeLogics more than 165-strong service organization. ExtremeLogic personnel will implement Firstwave eCRM applications.

"Their CRM vision and experience combined with Extreme Logics deep technology expertise and our joint values of developing and deploying the right solution and building long-term customer relationships makes this an ideal partnership that will deliver results," said ExtremeLogic founder and CEO Wain Kellum, in Atlanta.