Flurry, Twilio, Ooomf and Meemo Join Application Developers Alliance

The Washington, D.C.-based Application Developers Alliance has welcomed four new members to its ranks: Flurry, Twilio, Ooomf and Meemo.

The Application Developers Alliance announced four new members€”Flurry, Twilio, Ooomf and Meemo€”as corporate partners joining the alliance€™s 8,000 individual developers and 90 companies.

The Washington, D.C.-based alliance is an industry association that advocates for application developers and helps foster the apps ecosystem.

€œWe are thrilled to welcome Flurry, Twilio, Meemo and Ooomf to our membership,€ said Jon Potter, president of the alliance. €œThis batch of new members represents what the alliance does best: bringing together app development industry stakeholders of all types and sizes, from app discovery services to developers creating 3D avatars, from startups to well-established companies.€

Flurry, which focuses on helping mobile app makers more aware of how users use their apps, has joined the App Developers Alliance to help further its push into the analytics world. Through its Flurry Analytics, the company delivers insight into how consumers interact with a developer€™s mobile applications. Flurry increases the size and value of mobile application audiences, already helping more than 70,000 companies in more than 185,000 applications across iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Java ME and HTML5 platforms. Flurry has built a leading mobile application analytics and data-powered advertising platform, with more services in development, the company said.

€œFlurry is very excited to support the App Developers Alliance as an Alliance partner member," said Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf, in a statement. "Flurry's mission is to support the app developer community, and we are a development team at our core. Our services focus on helping the community build better apps and even better app businesses."

Twilio, a cloud communications company, is helping change telecom by merging the worlds of cloud computing, Web services and telecommunications. Twilio provides a telephony infrastructure Web service in the cloud, allowing Web developers to integrate phone calls, text messages and IP voice communications into their Web, mobile and traditional phone applications. Joining the alliance was a no-brainer, Twilio leadership said.

"As the app economy continues to grow exponentially, it's very important that its ecosystem has a strong advocate," said Jeff Lawson, CEO and co-founder of Twilio, in a statement. "The App Developers Alliance has shown its commitment to serving developers and advocating for the proliferation of software, and Twilio is proud to be among its ranks."

Meemo develops proprietary applications for users to create personalized 3D avatars and branded 3D digital rooms. Meemo also oversees the development, acquisition, distribution and marketing of entertainment branded virtual goods across leading-edge platforms like Xbox Live, Gaia, Cyworld and many others. Meemo enables major brands and IPs to grow and engage their audience through proprietary multi-screen applications driving user engagement while also enabling them to create and activate genre-specific virtual goods and accessories in order to capitalize on the untapped revenue opportunities that virtual worlds offer.

"We are thrilled to now be a part of an organization like the Application Developers Alliance, as they have been so committed to the education, improvement, and overall advancement of the app development industry,€ said Jed Corenthal, CEO and co-founder of Meemo, in a statement. €œWe look forward to contributing and lending our expertise in the development of custom 3D avatar applications, virtual goods and accessories.€

Meanwhile, Ooomf is a social app discovery platform. It is a way to explore apps and app makers. The company helps users discover iPhone apps in beta, explore app makers and find the best mobile apps. The Ooomf app will allow developers to share their app demo video, early screenshots and app release dates.

€œJoining the Apps Alliance as a startup is a great opportunity for Ooomf to connect with the leading voices in the apps industry and to support the growth of the app economy,€ said Mikael Cho, CEO and founder of Ooomf, in a statement.