FreeMarkets New Fix for an Old Problem

Company's new integrated offering combines software and services to help speed supplier onboarding.

Sourcing software and services provider FreeMarkets Inc. is looking to tackle an old problem with a new solution. The company announced today its FreeMarkets Savings Implementation Solution [SIS] designed to speed new supplier adoption.

An integrated offering that combines software with supplier implementation services, SIS provides users with tools to efficiently adopt new suppliers to an e-sourcing system, including tools to transform implementation documents into a single format for easy viewing and sharing, as well as project and process tools.

An Implementation Document library provides permanent links to relevant documents, such as BOM [bill of material], certification, quality and operational requirements.

A commodity-specific Implementation Process library enables companies to standardize processes and leverage them across an organization. Software for compressing implementation documents to speed access and document collaboration is also included.

However, software alone cannot solve the challenges companies face in bringing new suppliers online, according to FreeMarkets officials in Pittsburgh.

Because of this, SIS also is a services offering that provides access to resources that can help establish and manage a standardized implementation process that is commodity-specific.

SIS, a hosted solution, is currently available.