Geekspeak: April 23, 2001

Magnia's Ok for Small Offices but Not for Branch Offices

Toshiba takes a new approach to web server appliances with the Magnia SG10. take a cheap Intel Celeron-based system, have it run Linux, put a couple of IBM Travelstar drives in it, dress it up and make it totally usable from the get-go. Then sell Web-based services around it to keep it running flawlessly with no headaches. I tested the SG10, which retails for less than $1,300, and it worked as pitched. I had a pretty good-looking intranet site running behind its built-in firewall with seven systems connected in about 15 minutes. This makes it perfect as the main server for a small business.

However, its not the best product for a branch office because the old version of Red Hat Linux in the non-user-upgradable Magnia is Version 6.1, which doesnt support IPSec-based VPNs. Toshiba is working on that, but corporations can special order the Magnia with whatever they need. Thats where the bucks are, I suppose.