Genuitec Bridges Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio Development

Genuitec's SNAPs enable NetBeans and Visual Studio developers to use MyEclipse components.

Genuitec is helping to bridge the worlds of Java and Microsoft Visual Studio development with its new Simple Non-integrated Applications tools for Sun Microsystems NetBeans and for Visual Studio.

Genuitec, of Flower Mound, Texas, announced the availability of new SNAPs "Use-Anywhere" connectors for the NetBeans and Visual Studio IDEs (integrated development environments). The new offerings enable NetBeans and Visual Studio developers to use Genuitecs MyEclipse Visual HTML Designer, XML Editor, Database Explorer and Image Editor SNAPs directly in their own environment. However, the MyEclipse "Use-Anywhere" connectors for NetBeans and Visual Studio both require the All-in-One installation of MyEclipse 5.5M1 Enterprise Workbench, Genuitec officials said.

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Genuitecs new offerings extend the companys reach beyond its Eclipse platform base and into NetBeans and Visual Studio territory.

"We proved we could fuse external technologies when we ported Matisse into MyEclipse," said Maher Masri, president and CEO of Genuitec, in a statement. Matisse is a NetBeans-based approach to developing a Java graphical user interface. "Then, SNAPs took this concept to the next level by allowing us to add external functionality to our tool set without adding weight to the IDE. Today, were proud to go even one step further and deliver our tools directly to users of other environments. There will be more connections to come in the near future as well."

Added Wayne Parrot, vice president of product development for Genuitec, also in a statement: "The Use-Anywhere concept was the logical next step for our Fusion Technology suite. We realize that developers use multiple tools and environments. Now, they can take their SNAPs with them wherever they go."

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