Genuitec Launches Eclipse Tool Management System

Genuitec, a maker of Eclipse-based tools, has announced the release of its Secure Delivery Center, a system for managing an enterprise's Eclipse tooling.

Genuitec, maker of Java development tools and a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, has announced its new Secure Delivery Center, which enables enterprises to manage all their Eclipse tooling under one system.

In essence, the SDC takes the guesswork out of Eclipse-based tool management and removes management burdens from centralized IT organizations.

Genuitec officials said there are enterprise concerns around the management and mass-delivery of Eclipse technologies such as tool stack updating, implementation of corporate standards, reduction of rogue development tools and commercial license management. To help enterprises with these issues, Genuitec's Secure Delivery Center manages Eclipse open source, MyEclipse or IBM Rational installations from a centralized location inside the enterprise firewall. Developers gain access to the technologies they need from an approved internal source and not an Internet update site. Central tooling groups can also lock down sanctioned tool stacks and manage update procedures-all off their own servers with multiple distribution options.

"This is the first technology offering an easy way for enterprise corporations to manage their Eclipse tooling solutions from a centralized source," Tim Webb, chief architect of Genuitec's SDC and team lead, said in a statement. "Proving SDC's flexible, rapid-to-adopt nature, it has already been implemented by several well-known enterprises that are drawn to its power, intelligence and ease of use."

With SDC, there is no need for an IT manager to know about the technical specifics of large-scale license and software distribution systems or open-source auditing and compliance. Instead, SDC uses a smart management system that can quickly apply specific enterprise policies.

Genuitec said the SDC is ready out-of-the-box for installation, and it requires only a few, easy questions answered about company policies and software governance before acting as an inside-the-firewall Eclipse and MyEclipse management tool. In addition, granularity in its reporting tools gives a clear and concise understanding of how Eclipse or MyEclipse is used, what tool stacks and versions work the best on each project, and which configurations are successful in project development.

"End-user simplicity is extremely difficult to achieve in software development, as any Apple device user knows, but Secure Delivery Center is just that-a management tool that simplifies the entire process by subjecting tool standards company policies in a simple interface," said Webb.

SDC starts at only about $45 per developer. Interested parties can try SDC free for 30 days at