Genuitec Launches MyEclipse 2015

Genuitec ushers in the new year with a new version of its MyEclipse tool, which provides enhanced support for Web and mobile development.

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Genuitec, a provider of tools for the Eclipse developer community, announced the general availability of MyEclipse 2015, which offers enhanced support for Web technologies and support for building modern mobile applications.

My Eclipse 2015 features JavaScript code assist, multi-framework support including support for Angular JS, support for popular REST services, mobile application support, and back-end server and usability improvements. These enhancements enable developers to adopt key technologies faster, focus more on coding and get their application to market sooner.

"The best tools for Angular JS, REST Web services and PhoneGap are in MyEclipse 2015," Todd Williams, Genuitec's vice president of technology, told eWEEK. "Give it a try and become a believer."

Williams said with Web-based UIs on the rise, Genuitec recognizes code assist for JavaScript is key to developers. With traditional Eclipse-based JavaScript code assist falling short, MyEclipse 2015 comes in as the first Eclipse IDE with superior code assist, easing developers' frustration, he said.

Genuitec also recognizes the continuously changing Web landscape as a space that no longer consists solely of jQuery and one in which Web services, particularly REST, connect application users to the cloud. MyEclipse 2015 provides support for Tern.js, Angular JS and other key frameworks. It facilitates REST usage with an explorer, allowing for experimentation with popular Web services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Google, location services and more.

MyEclipse also supports the creation of hybrid mobile apps. By supporting Adobe PhoneGap 3.6.3, JQuery Mobile templates, local and remote builds, and form-based configuration editors, MyEclipse 2015 ensures that an application works across multiple device types, without the need for specialized development for each platform. Once an app is ready to be tested, developers are able to install and debug apps on devices using Genuitec's GapDebug.

"We're providing developers with the right combination of mobile tools for rapid cross-platform creation, testing and deployment of their mobile applications," said Brian Fernandes, product manager for MyEclipse at Genuitec, in a statement. "By utilizing MyEclipse 2015 mobile templates and the Adobe PhoneGap Build service integration, developers can build iOS and Android mobile apps without the need for a Mac. MyEclipse 2015 is a must have for today's Eclipse developer."

MyEclipse 2015 also provides developers with more back-end server control. For enterprises using WebSphere, improvements to deployment make development significantly faster, the company said. Resource changes are rapidly picked up by the server for quicker application testing. For developers using Tomcat, new server configuration options provide more control over Tomcat deployments as well.

In addition, Genuitec made a complete overhaul of the product's custom server connectors to give developers more control and configurability for the app servers they already use. The company also added connectors for a couple new server versions—TomEE 1.7 and Pivotal tc Server 3.0. Maven now has an additional option for using only dependency management. And Spring framework, Spring Tool Suite (STS) and BIRT all got bumped up to the newest version, Williams said.