Google Launches Its Google I/O 2014 Developers Conference Website

Registration for this year's Google I/O event will be different from past years: Interested developers will have to apply to attend and wait to learn if they are selected.

The seventh annual Google I/O developers conference—the most important and hotly awaited Google developer event of the spring—has just launched its Website for the June 25-26 gathering, but this year there are some new rules in store for application developers who might want to attend.

The biggest change, and the one that will be welcomed by some and likely cursed by others, is that this year's Google I/O event will no longer feature a first-come, first-served registration process. Instead, interested developers will have to apply to attend and wait to learn if they are selected.

The new procedure, along with other early details about I/O 2014, is outlined by Billy Rutledge, Google I/O's director of developer relations, in a March 26 post on the Google Developers Blog. "A month ago, we mentioned that this year's registration process would be different," wrote Rutledge. "You won't need to scramble the second registration opens, as we will not be implementing a first-come-first-served model this year. Instead, registration will remain open from April 8-10 and you can apply any time during this window. We'll randomly select applicants after the window closes on April 10, and send ticket purchase confirmation emails shortly thereafter."

The move essentially will change what has become a huge rush to register the moment the registration Web page opens each year. Many developers have complained in the past about the difficulty of getting in to register under the old system, so Google is trying this new approach this year. In the past, it was like trying to beat the rush when tickets go on sale online for a beloved and famous rock and roll band.

So far, full details of the events, sessions and keynotes for this year's I/O event are not yet posted or announced, but those holes will be filled as the conference nears.

What is known so far is that Google will again broadcast a live stream of the conference keynote and its sessions so that developers who can't attend can still have access to the goings-on. Interested developers will also be able to attend an "I/O Extended" event near them, where groups gather in their own local communities to watch the Webcasts of the conference together. Details on these features will come later, according to Google.

The 2014 conference will be held June 25-26 at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, according to Google.

As the conference gets nearer, developers can also follow the event on the Google Developers Google+ page and on the Google Developers Blog.