Google Offering Translation Services to Android App Developers

Google wants to help Android developers sell their apps in other countries by translating them into other languages.

Google is launching inexpensive language translation services to Android developers to help them get their apps translated so they can sell them in other countries.

The new service, which is expected to cost about $75 for a small app to about $150 for a large app for each language translation, was unveiled in a Nov. 11 post by Ellie Powers of the Google Play team, on the Google Android Developers Blog.

"To help developers reach users in other languages, we launched the App Translation Service, which allows developers to purchase professional app translations through the Google Play Developer Console," wrote Powers. "This is part of a toolbox of localization features you can (and should!) take advantage of as you distribute your app around the world through Google Play."

The App Translation Service was previewed in May at the Google I/O developer's conference, she wrote, and is being launched now to help Android developers find new markets for their apps. "Every day, more than 1.5 million new Android phones and tablets around the world are turned on for the first time," she wrote. "Each newly activated Android device is an opportunity for you as a developer to gain a new user, but frequently, that user speaks a different language from you."

Many app developers participated in the App Translation Service pilot program earlier this year, including the developers of Zombie Ragdoll, who used the service to launch their new game simultaneously in 20 languages in August 2013, wrote Powers. "When they combined app translation with local marketing campaigns, they found that 80 percent of their installs came from non-English-language users."

Another pilot user, the developer of the dating app SayHi Chat, had the app expanded into 13 additional languages using the translation service and experienced 120 percent install growth, wrote Powers. "The developer of card game G4A Indian Rummy found that the App Translation Service was easier to use than their previous translation methods, and saw a 300 percent increase with user engagement in localized apps."

Android developers who are interested in learning more about the translation service can start with the localization checklist that can guide them through the process, wrote Powers.

"You'll need to get your APK ready for translation, and select the languages to target for translation," she wrote. "If you're unsure about which languages to select, Google Play can help you identify opportunities. First, review the Statistics section in the Developer Console to see where your app has users already. Does your app have a lot of installs in a certain country where you haven't localized to their language? Are apps like yours popular in a country where your app isn’t available yet? Next, go to the Optimization Tips section in the Developer Console to make sure your APK, store listing, and graphics are consistently translated."