Grand Prize: Tweet Hunt

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Grand Prize: Tweet Hunt

Tweet Hunt is a shooting gallery game powered by Twitter. To take out some of the most popular users on Twitter, you'll have to get through their followers first. Take on @Snooki, @ConanObrien,??í@Shaq, @KatyPerry and many more in this shooter game. This entry came from RED Interactive Agency.

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Best Game: Conveyor

Conveyor is a word game where letters move across the screen, and the player has to make words before they disappear. As soon as the game begins, a timer starts ticking, and making new words extends the timer. Bonus tiles multiply your word score. Players try to beat their own scores and compete on global high score tables. This entry came from drMikeyStudios.

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Best Entertainment App: Kidoodle: Pirate Scribblebeard

Kidoodle: Pirate Scribblebeard is an interactive drawing app where kids drawings become part of fun animated scenes. The game encourages creativity and imagination, and one-tap saving and emailing features let users easily send out the doodles. The game was tested, played and approved by children 3 to 10 years (and their parents). This entry was made by Kidoodle Apps.

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Best Business & Productivity App: Conqu

Conqu is an easy-to-use task management tool designed to help users manage their inboxes and get things done. With Conqu, users can organize tasks by their own criteria and then find the right task to do at the right time and place. Conqu enables users to assign a project, determine the energy and time required to finish a task, and add additional filtering criteria such as tags or contexts to any task. This entry came from AsFusion.

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Best Lifestyle & Community App: Sylvester's Band

Sylvesters Band is an interactive book for children ages 2 to 7, with more than 35 pages and a voiceover in English. Through this app, for both tablets and smartphones, children can learn about various musical instruments and can explore each page by touching points of interest on the screen. This entry is from Uncle Handsalt.

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Most Innovative App: Level

Designed specifically for the Sony Tablet P, Level is a puzzle game that takes advantage of the tablets two-screen layout. The vertical levels of the game move individually—if the player is on the top level/screen, the bottom level remains static (and vice versa). To collect items and move through the map, the player must align the levels correctly, lining up jump-tubes, circuits, doors, etc. As the game progresses, maps become more complex, requiring more time and thought to solve. This entry is from drMikeyStudios.

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MAX Public Favorite: Cassandra Stand—News & Clock

Cassandra Stand—News & Clock is a cross-platform app that transforms the tablet into a stand that features the date and a clock, weather forecasts and top stories from more than 50 countries. The app is easily customizable, supports geo-location, landscape and portrait, and features a simple interface. The app was announced at last month Adobes MAX 2011 developer and designer conference. This entry is from Small Screen Design.

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Sony Tablet S and Tablet P

Available now, the Tablet S offers rich media entertainment on a 9.4-inch touch screen. Its powered by an Nvidia Tegra 2 chip and offers built-in WiFi compatibility. Sonys Tablet P (available in 2012 from AT&Ts mobile broadband network) offers a folding design and two 5.5-inch displays. It can fit into a pocket, purse or backpack, and is both WiFi and 3G/4G capable. The Tablet P allows for dual-screen functionality within specific applications, such as playing games on one screen while using the other as a controller, or reading email on one screen while using the other as a keyboard.

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