How DevOps Helps Grease the Gears of the Application Economy

1 - How DevOps Helps Grease the Gears of the Application Economy
2 - Applications Needed
3 - High Expectations
4 - Increased Deployments
5 - Global Survey
6 - DevOps Drivers
7 - Leaders vs. Laggards
8 - DevOps Skills
9 - DevOps Tools
10 - DevOps Obstacles
11 - DevOps Benefits
12 - More Benefits
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How DevOps Helps Grease the Gears of the Application Economy

by Darryl K. Taft

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Applications Needed

In the app economy, it is applications that define the customer experience.

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High Expectations

More than nine out of 10 executives face increased pressure to release apps more quickly.

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Increased Deployments

DevOps enables enterprises to increase the pace and rate of software or services deployments.

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Global Survey

The CA study, conducted by Vanson Bourne, featured 1,425 senior IT and line-of-business executives at enterprise organizations with revenues of $500 million or more in financial services, health care, retail, telecommunications and media/entertainment industries.

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DevOps Drivers

Forty-two percent of respondents said DevOps helps improve the performance of applications, while 29 percent said they are driven to DevOps because it enables simultaneous deployment across platforms.

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Leaders vs. Laggards

The CA study showed that 49 percent of respondents from companies that are leading in the app economy said they are using DevOps, but only 6 percent of respondents from companies lagging behind said they use it.

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DevOps Skills

Sixty-three percent of respondents said they are hiring folks with DevOps skills, and 51 percent said they would hire a consulting firm with DevOps expertise.

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DevOps Tools

According to the survey, the top tools needed for DevOps are application performance management tools, followed by performance testing and then functional testing tools, among others.

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DevOps Obstacles

Security or compliance concerns ranked as the biggest challenge to DevOps adoption in the survey. Organizational complexity was another big challenge.

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DevOps Benefits

Survey respondents said some of the major benefits for adopting DevOps include higher frequency of services deployments and more collaboration between departments.

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More Benefits

Other benefits of DevOps include faster time to market, less time fixing applications, and lower development testing and operations.

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