HP's Enyo 2 Open-Source WebOS Offshoot Exits Beta

HP announces that Enyo 2, its open-source, cross-platform app development framework has exited beta and is production-ready.

The Hewlett-Packard-sponsored Enyo project has announced that Enyo 2 is moving out of beta and is now ready for production.

Enyo is an object-oriented JavaScript application framework that emphasizes modularity and encapsulation. The Enyo framework was created to support application development for the HP TouchPad and the webOS platform. Although it was initially conceived as a platform-independent framework, Enyo 1 targeted webOS and the TouchPad specifically.

In January 2012, the project launched enyojs.com and open-sourced Enyo 1. At the same time, the team released the first beta of Enyo 2. Where Enyo 1 targeted webOS, Enyo 2 was rewritten from the ground up to enable truly cross-platform development, supporting mobile and desktop browsers from iOS to IE8, the Enyo team said. Indeed, Enyo 2 supports development on iOS, Android, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

According to the Enyo team blog, the first Enyo 2 was €œpretty minimal,€ but six months later €œEnyo 2 boasts an amazing community of developers, a broad set of cross-platform UI widgets, and a powerful layout library for building apps that work across all form factors from phones to desktops. Since January, we€™ve seen Enyo apps developed for virtually every platform, and submitted to nearly all of the major app stores. Equally exciting, we€™ve seen over 50 add-on libraries and plug-ins added to the Enyo Community Gallery.€

According to the Enyo team, Enyo 2 is €œproduction-ready, API-stable, and recommended for general use.€

The Enyo team said the new release delivers:

New Onyx Widgets: We have finished polishing a number of new UI widgets in the Onyx library, including Menu, Picker, Tooltip, Tree, Drawer, Scrim, and €œMoreToolbar,€ a responsive toolbar that adapts to different screen widths.

Enyo 2 Sampler: The Enyo 2 Sampler is a new app to help you get acquainted with all of the functionality available in Enyo and its add-on libraries, Onyx and Layout. You can browse a hierarchy of interactive samples of all the UI controls, see different options for configuring them, and view source code for the samples right in the app. And of course, the Sampler is designed to adapt to different form factors so you can access it from just about any device.

New Contributor Process: Starting today, we are implementing a new contributor sign-off process to allow us to accept larger code contributions from the community, while keeping the code base Apache 2.0-compatible. The process was inspired by the Linux foundation€™s kernel contribution process, and involves a simple sign-off line to be added to pull requests. You can learn more about the new process here.

€œWe see a Web-centric future in which there aren€™t iOS apps, Android apps, Mac apps and Windows apps€”there are just apps: apps that let you access your content and get stuff done, wherever you happen to be, on whatever device is handy,€ the Enyo team said in its post.