IBM Delivers New Rational Tools for Advanced Systems Development

IBM's Rational software unit has delivered new software to help businesses manage and simplify advanced systems software development.

IBM's Rational software unit has delivered new software to help businesses manage and simplify advanced systems software development.

The new IBM Rational software, announced Dec. 16, helps companies simplify and integrate their business processes, enabling them to advance the development of new products and services, IBM officials said. As a first step in determining how all aspects of product delivery will be managed, the new IBM Rational software helps to enable software developers and systems engineers to meet precise design criteria, comply with industry standards and compatibility challenges and ensure accurate data exchange among design and development teams.

The new IBM Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software helps developers who have little or no SOA (service oriented architecture) experience develop SOA solutions with greater speed and use them to connect and support distributed smart devices, IBM officials said. IBM Rational Software Architect also includes features that allow the design and development of next-generation communication services, such as "click-to-call" features and integrated voice, video and Web.

"Software has become the invisible thread that makes 'smarter' products possible," said Danny Sabbah, general manager of IBM Rational Software, in a statement. "An unprecedented level of coordination is now required among the companies, partners and customers who produce, manage and consume them. These efforts must span the entire product lifecycle, and IBM's extensive cross-industry expertise, business transformational services and software solutions are helping customers meet these challenges."

As a result, IBM Rational Software has extended its portfolio of offerings in three areas to create the environment necessary to support the complex solutions to help manage the smart product proliferation including:

"??Ç Systems Management -- Organizations require a high-level systems view of their solution architecture and information systems infrastructure to improve processes and manage various scenarios. Rational System Architect enterprise architecture management software helps businesses evaluate the potential impact of change and other modifications. The new version of Rational System Architect is integrated with Rational Focal Point, which includes advanced analysis and decision support capabilities to help organizations execute the right projects at the right time.??Ç Defining Product Requirements -- In order to help businesses, requirements management software defines and manages product and project requirements when building and connecting systems. New enhancements to IBM Rational DOORS Web Access allow users to create new requirements and add traceability links to demonstrate compliance with critical design criteria through a simple Web browser interface.??Ç Innovative Development -- Software developers and systems engineers must be able to evaluate software designs before they are written into code. New enhancements to IBM Rational Rhapsody include features that increase collaboration between development and quality assurance teams, improve the specification, capture and documentation of systems engineering designs and extend Rhapsody's native language capabilities to include Japanese."

And, with the explosion of intelligent devices in industries, from telecommunications to energy to consumer electronics, IBM's new Enterprise Verification Management Solution creates a comprehensive test and simulation environment that helps "System on a Chip" manufacturers improve quality, reduce development costs and deliver products faster, IBM said.

"The IBM Software platform helps us to differentiate ourselves in the market," said Simon Bradley, vice president, Technology Capability Centre, Engineering, Physics, IT, Security Services & Simulation at EADS Innovation Works. "We will be able to increase our quality while reducing the time to market for our products."